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How To Get More Positive Energy



Dawn of every day throws out immense possibilities of choosing between the right and the wrong, be it in a corporate office or a home managed by a homemaker. Likewise, every moment, one has a choice whether to be at peace and enjoy happiness or be resistant and live with tension and stress. Living in a state of peace and calm one attracts positive energy, but when you are in a different state of mind, negative energy is created, which reflects you.

Although the matter seems to be, simple, still more people make the wrong choice and end up with negative energy resulting in stress. It is an open fact the people with positive energy have an open heart coupled with a sense of humor. That is the precise reason that people with positive energy are emotionally, mentally are healthy.

It is not that people with positive energy do not commit mistakes, but it is their commitment towards positive energy that is showcased when they accept their mistakes and seek remedy for it. It is possible because they have realized that they are part of the community and work with humans with varied experiences and are ready to go that extra mile by being communicative, discuss and extend positive energy to those around them.

People with positive energy have realized that it is not the parent, colleagues, or, for that matter, anything that creates stress, but it is one’s perception that creates all negative energy. They view all the circumstances as neutral. People loaded with positive energy would like to see the best around them and are willing to do their best to spread the enthusiasm.

All said and done, how does one go about garnering positive thinking? While there are quite several books, videos on the subject, some of the following simple steps would push you towards positive thinking.

Can we begin the day with a simple form of meditation which only by devoting a few minutes and practically no cost is involved?

Meditation practiced in the right way makes you aware of your inner being. You need not toil for it like any other activity of sports; just comfortably sit, relax, and be conscious about your presence. Of course, barrage of thoughts would be coming and disturbing, but throughout the tie, they will subside. Do not try to control any life situation but take it on the stride and practice to treat every other person as your equal.

The most important thing is that do not brood over the past but accept the unavoidable like deaths of loved ones etc. and as a person with good perception, be a judge on any situation and view with dispassion and look at the positive thing in every case. How does one know that he is sharing positive energy? If the people around him are encouraging, happy, and satisfied, he can rest assured that positive energy is shared.