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A Guide to Weightlifting for Beginners



If you have decided that it’s time to visit the gym and get into your fittest shape, then you have to have a routine that will work for you. Building muscles is a serious business; you wouldn’t want to end up in a wheelchair or a stretcher all so you have to know how to begin your weightlifting routine.

It’s Time to Get Started

The fundamental requirements are to know your calorie intake, undergo a physical checkup, and to establish a schedule that you can easily follow.

In order to cut down on your calorie intake, shun all fatty foods, and learn to embrace vegetables, fruits, grains, and soybean products. If you can have six small meals rather than three big ones each day, then this should significantly affect your calorie intake.

Next, have your doctor approve your weightlifting plans first. Without his go signal, you are potentially at risk for developing injuries. Keep in mind that weightlifting is not suitable for everyone.

The third basic requirement is to have a routine that works for you. Begin with low-intensity weightlifting routines then gradually increase the intensity as you progress.

Target Individual Muscle Groups

Do at least two targeted exercises for a certain body part. Doing 1-2 sets with 8-15 reps should be enough for beginners. Remember not to strain yourself that much during the first few exercises. Your body still needs to adjust to its new normal schedule. Control the weight as it is brought down, do not let the gravity pull it down.

A great way to assess if you are using the right kind of weight is when you are able to do 10-12 reps with it. If you can do more, then it means that your weights are too light. Doing fewer reps, on the other hand, means the weight is too much to bear.

The Best Exercises (With Weights) for Specific Body Parts

  • Chest – bench press or pushups
  • Back – back extension, pull-downs or seated row machines
  • Shoulders – lateral raise, front raise or overhead press
  • Biceps – concentration curls
  • Lower Body – squats or lunges
  • Abdomen – crunches, pelvic twists or reverse crunches

Start Lifting Those Weights Soon

Never underestimate the benefits of weightlifting. Through it, you can decrease your blood pressure, tone muscles, and have more energy. And what do you know, you can even elevate your mood and improve your coordination! So go to your doctor now and ask how you can start your weightlifting routine soon.