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5 Key Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine



Rowing is one of the most effective back exercises out there. It is considered a compound movement and works many muscle groups simultaneously. This is great for people who wish to add muscle mass quickly. Rowing machines allow regular people to perform rows in their homes or a gym without actually having to get on the water. Of its many benefits, the following are some of the greatest.

1) Builds the latissimus dorsi

The latissimus dorsi is one of the most massive muscles in the back. It is stimulated when you perform the rowing motion with your arms. Without this muscle, humans would not be able to row or pull. Building up the latissimus dorsi is very beneficial for several reasons. First, it improves posture. A strong back helps you stand straighter and taller. Secondly, it decreases slouch in the shoulders, making you look bigger and broader than before. Improving your latissimus dorsi also builds strength and allows you to row with more weight.

2) Works the posterior deltoids

These small shoulder muscles have a tremendous responsibility. They are mainly involved in the transverse extension of the arms. Weak rear deltoids make it hard for a person to reach out and grab something. The weight of the arm will feel burdensome to the individual, and simple actions might seem like chores. Rowing machines will target this muscle group and increase its size and strength.

3) Stimulates the rhomboids

When you squeeze your shoulder blades together, you are working the rhomboids. These muscles also play a significant role in posture and prevent slouching. During the motion of a row, the end of the pull where you are leaning back the furthest is where the rhomboids are stimulated. Without good rhomboids, you might resemble a person who is bent-over due to old age.

4) Strengthens biceps, forearms, and grip

Rowing not only works the back muscles but the arms as well. Since you must grip the handles firmly when rowing, this enhances your grip strength and allows you to pull more weight or hang from a bar longer. The grip is directly tied to forearm strength, and that means your forearms will likely gain a bit of size and durability as well. During the pullback, the biceps are also given a great workout. This gives you more power to pull things toward you.

5) It’s a great cardio workout

Working the heart muscle is the most critical part of any exercise. While rows don’t directly affect the heart, they will get it pumping. Doing a quick and intense row session is the best way to get in your cardio with the rowing machine. Start now, and row yourself ripped.