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Light Weight Wheelchair – The Solution for Better Lifestyle for the Physically Challenged



A wheelchair is one of the basic necessities that cater to the special needs of children and adults. Technology has brought changes in almost every product and this segment too has seen many changes. The traditional ones have been replaced by modern wheelchairs. Though many options are available the lightweight wheelchairs are more in demand.

Apart from being light they also provide comfort and are designed to meet almost every need of the customer. It is very crucial to choose the correct one since it is the mode of mobility for the owner. Mentioned below are some of the features and benefits of lightweight wheelchairs.

Tailor-made according to individual needs

You have the option of getting your wheelchair tailor-made, which means you can get it customized according to your necessities. Lots of companies are offering many alternatives in this regard. For people having specific requirements, this option is very useful. You can modify many things like frame, tires, leg positioning, head support, or size of the chair. You can even have a chair in your favorite color. In spite of such modification, you will still get the required comfort. Once the wheelchair is ready according to your need, you will find it easy to do your daily tasks, which could have been troublesome before.


Some wheelchairs are made in aluminum and hence they are light and easily portable. This is a boon for people who love to travel. They are foldable and can be easily placed in car trunks. You can fold and place it in your attic or basement when not in use. Since you can take them everywhere, you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest without much restraint. In fact, it can even be carried on airplanes. So, you can be in peace anywhere you go. With their easy to handle features, they are the best mode of mobility.

Many options

You will be surprised at the types of wheelchairs available in the market. You will find pediatric wheelchairs and strollers, adult wheelchairs and strollers, which can be fitted in cars, the list can be endless. With companies willing to do the research and focus on high standards, they are improvising their products with each passing day. They also suggest alternatives to suit your needs.


They are extremely handy and comfortable. They can be used for sightseeing, strolling in the park, or doing household work. They can even be used while playing basketball and lawn tennis. Owners can add many accessories to it like a cushioned seat, bottle holder, detachable tray, storage bags, travel bags, canopy, and wheel locks and enhance their comfort. These chairs can be handled easily and the owner becomes independent and can improve his lifestyle

Apart from the above features, they are crash tested and pass the highest standard of safety norms. It means you can rest assured that you are investing your money in the correct product. Though very convenient and stable, they might not be suitable for everyone but are definitely beneficial for many.