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Ideal Tips for Landscape Lighting Design



Ideal tips for landscape lighting design

When it comes to choosing a landscape lighting design, you are spoilt of options. You can never have limits to creativity. Landscape lighting is the most exciting thing that can be in your yard. You could have picnics there in the night, parties or even use the space for meditation. With all that, the lighting needs to be perfect. Here are a few landscape lighting design tips that could add to your creativity.

  1. Carry out a survey

How about you go out in the night and do a survey? For you to come up with a clear picture of the landscape lighting design, you certainly need a plan. And a plan cannot turn out as intended if you haven’t given it a try yet.

It is for this reason that you are encouraged to take some time and go out in the yard in the night with a flashlight and have an idea of what you will be needing. That will help you come up with an idea of the lighting effect you would love for your landscape.

However, you are not limited only to going outside with a flashlight in the night. There are ready-made designs from manufacturers for lighting fixtures or even from landscape lighting design companies. You could borrow an idea or two from them.

  1. Focus on the walkways or stairs

Let’s face it: you can never light everything. You do not want your yard to end up looking like a Christmas tree during the night. It is therefore essential that you establish what you should be paying more attention to safety areas. We are talking about the stairs and walkways. You will need more light there than you would in the grass.

  1. Do not use too many fixtures

Too many fixtures will only spoil the aesthetics. Less is always more. If you are lighting the stairs, you should consider alternating the fixtures between the sides. Too much of it could be blinding and or serve the purpose it was intended for.

  1. Different fixtures are for different jobs

You need to note that the different fixtures available in the market are meant for different roles. It is therefore essential that you acknowledge the fact that fixtures for the stairs cannot be used for your pool or your garden.

To get the best results and effect, it is essential that you get the right fixtures. You can consult a professional, and you will be advised on the best lighting fixtures for specific areas of your landscape.

  1. Do not forget to light the dark areas

As much as you might find the shrubs in your yard not too attractive. Those are one of the areas that are worth lighting. The corners too. This could be a hotbed of trespassers and also there is a need to keep an eye on your kids and pets if they wander away into these areas.

To get the perfect effect on your landscape, it is vital that you get help from professionals.

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