5 Extreme Diets: Do They Work?

You can’t imagine what people do to lose weight. No, you really can’t imagine! I’ll tell you about 5 diets that are for most people totally restrictive and unacceptable. But there are people who follow them. Some have ethical, health or other observations to follow them but most do it because they want to lose weight.

1. Paleo Diet

Eating like a caveman. What did cavemen eat? Let’s see: animal meat and wild plants. Those who follow the more “relaxed” form eat also more modern food like fish, cultural fruits and vegetables and so on. (Read more about this diet here)

The followers of this diet believe it’s healthy because it’s closest to what our genes have programmed our bodies to eat. If you ask me, here’s what I think. It’s probably not bad way to eat because there is less processed junk food in this (if any at all).

But ignoring the thousands years of evolution and claiming that such diet is “programmed” in our genes sounds silly to me. And trying to lose weight this way doesn’t make much sense.

The most important part of any weight loss diet is to consume less calories than you need – you can calculate how much exactly here. And how are you supposed to achieve this if you eat as much meat as you wish all the time?

2. Vegan Diet

Vegans do not eat anything that comes from an animal. No meat, no eggs, no diary products.

People who are vegan usually follow this life style because of ethical considerations. They usually don’t use any other items coming from animals too because they are against abusing animals for our own needs.

Recently people started using vegan diet for weight loss. It seems to be efficient in most cases. But you should be really careful with it, as switching quickly from eating meat to not eating any animal products is kind of a health risk.

There are also a lot of discussions about how safe is a vegan diet due to the lack of vitamin B 12. If you are interested, see more info here.

3. Raw Foodism

If vegan diet looked extreme to you, what to say about eating only raw andvegan at the same time? Because this is what raw food diet is. People who don’t have much of an idea often think that eating raw means you can also eat raw fish, raw dried sausages, eggs, etc, but this is not true. The real raw food diet is also vegan. So what do these people eat? Here’s what:

  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Combinations of both

Basically that’s it. Kind of scary, isn’t it? People who follow it say it’s very healthy and helps losing weight. Some even claim eating raw cures diabetes and cancer. There aren’t enough scientific experiments to prove or reject such claims.

4. Frutarians

Is raw foodism not extreme enough for you? Don’t worry, there are more restrictive diets :) Frutarians eat nothing but fruits. Not even vegetables. Some even go that far to consume only fruits fallen on the ground so they don’t disturb live plants.

I’m sure this will work to lose weight, but can such diet be healthy? I strongly doubt. It sounds fun to try it for a while. I wouldn’t survive this way more than a month or so however.

5. Fasting

Finally, fasting is not exactly a diet, but it’s a way to lose weight and clean your organism. People do various types of fasting. For someone who eats everything, a 30 day trial on a vegetarian diet can also be called fasting.

But real fasting usually means to consume only water, or water and tea, or sometimes juices for a given period (usually 10 days to month).

These types of fasts can be good in many cases. It’s still highly recommended to consult a doctor before doing any of the extreme diets listed here.

So, have you tried any of these diets and what were your results?

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