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Best Winter Workouts



Winters a time for many people who take their outdoor workouts inside. Many people often gain weight between the month of October and January because the weather is colder and the nights are longer which means the days are shorter and stress levels are usually higher.

This holiday season you don’t have to worry about sacrificing any of your workouts instead. Here are the best winter workouts and tips to do them daily.


Swimming is a great workout for your overall body, especially your arms, and intoning your back. Many local community centers, gymnasiums and work out parks have discounts on swimming pool workouts during the winter. Many people who live by the beach or by the ocean often swim during the summer but when winter comes it becomes too chilly.

You can join a local gym and swim during the winter. Swimming indoors is a great workout for winter.

Indoor cycling

Many people who love the great outdoors and riding their bikes on the open road often go indoors in the winter. Using the spin bike or trainer can help you get in the miles without sacrificing your health. You can join a gym for a spin class or even invest in an exercise bike for your own home. In the winter it’s usually too chilly and rainy and sometimes snowing to ride outside. But you can still keep up with your fast-paced workouts indoors.


Walking is by far the most popular activity especially for people who don’t have the motivation to exercise regularly. If you’re trying to lose weight, adding walking into your day can be rewarding.

You can walk in the morning, lunch or in the evening, or get a dog and walk them. Some studies show that people who own a pet such as a dog, that needs to be walked, usually weigh less than people who do not own any pets or children. Pets keep you active.

You can stay on top of your workouts by just switching it up a little and taking your outdoor workouts inside in the winter. Whatever exercise you choose; make sure you’re having fun. The important part of any activity is to make sure that it is fun. If it is not, you won’t continue to do it.

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