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Does Xenadrine Work?



Xenadrine is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement that can help to stimulate the metabolism, subsequently burning calories and assisting with weight loss. The supplement works by combining a few tried-and-true herbs with the effectiveness of caffeine. It also is made with small doses of essential vitamins and some not-so-well-known herbs, though they are not key ingredients in Xenadrine. It was previously made using a variant of ephedra, which is an illegal and controversial drug, though it is no longer used with this substance in order to comply with federal and international regulations.

Who is Xenadrine Right For?

Xenadrine’s ingredients have different effects on different people. The most important element of the mixture to consider is caffeine, as caffeine is widely researched and very abundant in Xenadrine. While the dosage of caffeine in Xenadrine isn’t particularly harmful, using it in combination with coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, or certain tea will intensify the effects of caffeine in the body and may produce nasty side-effects. With that said, people already taking high doses of caffeine per day should eliminate those sources of caffeine before using Xenadrine.

The rest of the ingredients do not pose as much of a problem as caffeine does. Their tolerable upper-intake level, or the maximum amount that the body can handle before adverse effects begin, is much higher than the dosage given by Xenadrine. It is also atypical for people to be consuming excessive amounts of guarana or damiana.

The ideal candidate for the supplement is someone that has a positive and enjoyable experience with caffeine sources like coffee or energy drinks. While the amount of caffeine in Xenadrine is still relatively high, the body can develop a tolerance to it very quickly. Xenadrine’s dosage instructions use incremental doses to combat this, though developing tolerance to the effects of caffeine pertains more to the psychological effects of the substance than the physiological or metabolic effects.

The ideal candidate should be responsible enough to limit or remove their intake of coffee or energy drinks while taking the supplement. It’s important to note that the cravings of other caffeine sources like those listed above will be reduced while taking Xenadrine, so there will not be any intense feelings of depravity or withdrawal from skipping morning coffee.

A person taking Xenadrine should also understand that it’s only meant to assist in the process of burning fat and increasing metabolism. A week’s supply of Xenadrine will not magically stop the damage caused by sitting on a couch for three hours while eating deep-fried pork with a side of soda. A healthy diet and regular exercise are both still necessary for getting into shape.

By understanding this simple concept, Xenadrine can start to be considered in a more reasonable, responsible way. For example, consider a person taking the supplement that has a target weight loss goal of 15 pounds in one month. At 15 pounds per month, each day is worth half of a pound. If Xenadrine works to burn two of those pounds, it will have effectively done an extra four days’ worth of work. If it works to burn four pounds, the goal can be reached eight days earlier than without it.

Deciding whether or not to take the supplement is easy. If an increased dosage of caffeine is manageable and welcomed, then Xenadrine will be a simple solution to burn a few extra pounds. If an increased dosage of caffeine is not recommended or advised against by the doctor, then Xenadrine may not be the best answer.