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Lasik Colorado Offers Better Vision



Few people actually want to wear glasses. Those that don’t wear glasses and don’t have perfect vision still end up wearing contact lenses. At LASIK offices near Denver, no one has to settle for less than perfect vision anymore. Dr. Rick Anderson is one of many Colorado Lasik eye surgeon that has performed countless surgeries to help improve vision.

Colorado Services

Lasik services are being offered by Icon Lasik to help people gain their sight. It will make it easier for people to shop for Denver sunglasses without worrying about a prescription. People are able to schedule a free consultation at Icon Lasik to find out if they are a candidate for the surgery.

Even Denver cataract surgery is performed at the facility. Those who have cataracts can visit the Colorado Lasik facility to find out how they can improve their vision. There’s no need to try and see past a white haze anymore because professional services are out there. They provide almost immediate improvement in vision and the downtime is very low.

Helped Many Individuals

The Colorado Lasik eye surgery facility has helped a lot of the top athletes around the country. This includes football star John Elway as well as Olympian Bode Miller, just to name a few. Another is cyclist Tom Danielson, who also inspired Dr. Anderson to host the Tour of the Moon bike race.

On October 6, Tour of the Moon is being sponsored by Icon Lasik for the first time. It is considered to be the Hell of the West Cycling Classic. It was made famous in the 1980s due to a movie, American Flyers. Today, cyclists from around the world come to compete. The ride is stunning, offering the breathtaking desert scenes throughout the entire race.

Get 20/20

Lasik surgery has allowed people to move past the old standard of 20/20 vision. Many of those who were glasses-dependent are learning that Lasik Colorado is the solution they have been looking for. They can wake in the morning without looking for glasses or fumbling with contacts just to be able to see what’s going on.

The Denver Lasik facility provides individual treatment for every eye. Since everyone is different, the treatments must be as well. The facility has been in practice for over 20 years and a total of over 100,000 procedures have been performed. The Lasik Colorado team has been able to use the highest level of technology as well.

There are Lasik website goes into detail about their technology. They have the newest NIDEK EC-5000 tracking laser, which provides a bladeless Lasik procedure. Cornea curvature and thickness are all measured along with the scan to provide the best treatment for the retina.


Every single patient who goes in for Lasik eye surgery Denver receives a screening, first. This is to ensure that the correct vision is achieved. It’s not as simple as many people believe. There are a lot of measurements to be taken. Since everyone is different, it requires the Lasik surgery Colorado team to be on their game each and every time.

Lasik in Denver is performed by the Icon Lasik team each and every day. They have become a popular choice because they believe in affordable services. They work with people to come up with payment plans as well as with insurance to help everyone improve their vision.

The team offers pre and post care to ensure that everyone is happy with the procedure. Of the various Lasik Colorado facilities in the area, not everyone provides the same level of care.