The Basics of Epi Lasik Surgery and What One Needs To Know

In today’s world of eye care and ophthalmology, there seems to be confusion as to just what is Epi Lasik surgery. A more recently developed procedure similar to Lasik or Laser surgery, it is surgical procedure that is designed to eliminate the conditions of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, as well as the need for eyeglasses.

This blog post will help give some insight into the subject so as to make certain aspects of this procedure more familiar to those considering undergoing it. Matters such as the side effects of Lasik and the eye surgery cost for the operation will be covered.

First of all, Epi Lasik surgery is considered by many as a procedure based on the Lasik procedure and it is also considered by some ophthalmologist as not being appropriate for everyone. However, it is good to bear in mind that whatever procedure your ophthalmologist decides is best, it is a surgical procedure nonetheless; therefore, the attending physician’s instructions must be rigidly followed.

The Best Candidates of this Kind of Procedure

Those who run a risk of having their flap loosened or dislodged after being struck in the eye. People in such occupations such as first responders, athletes and military personnel run the highest risk. Also, good candidates are those who do not have neither glaucoma nor cataracts established and are eighteen years of age or more.

The Side Effects of Lasik

For many, there will be a slight discomfort after the operation; however, any pain associated with the procedure can be said to be safely and easily managed by taking over-the-counter medications. The recovery period is also said to be faster than other Lasik procedures. Once a patient undergoes the procedure in a Lasik surgery clinic, minimal side effects of Lasik are reported. When they do occur, it is generally in the area of some minor visual irregularities that tend to diminish after the operation. Such side effects may include: eye dryness, glare and sometimes seeing halos.

The Lasik Eye Surgery Cost for the Operation

This is one aspect that is subject to change and varies from one provider to another. Generally, the breakdown is given per eye as seen in the following examples:

  • $2,124 for all laser-based vision correction procedures (including LASIK)
  • $1,630 for non-customized LASIK using a bladed instrument
  • $2,151 for wavefront-guided LASIK using a laser-created flap.

By visiting the website at:, or actually coming for an on-site Lasik surgery clinic tour, any prospective Epi Lasik patient can obtain more detailed information and speak to the friendly, professional staff about the procedure.

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