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How Much Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?



How much gynecomastia surgery cost?

A condition known as gynecomastia afflicts some males. This is characterized by extra glandular tissue and localized fat located in the breast area. The cause is not limited to obesity directly.

In the United States, up to 65% of fourteen-year-old boys are affected by it. At this age, boys’ sex hormones are undergoing a fluctuation that lasts throughout puberty. Surgery is not required for 75% of these boys, as their breasts return to normal within two years without any intervention. 90% have their breasts return to normal in three years.

Numerous men choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery. Before deciding to have a surgical procedure done, you must consider some things. Think about the cost, preparation, and processes involved with this surgery.


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Males have gynecomastia for unknown reasons usually. Testosterone levels decreasing is a possible cause for older men. Diseases like hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, and tumors also can lead to breast enlargement in males.

Certain drugs and medications may cause gynecomastia. These include alcohol, marijuana, heroin, anti-anxiety medications, and cancer treatments. You would not be considered a valid candidate for receiving surgery if you use non-prescription drugs, even if you can pay for it.

You mustn’t treat your condition as being superficial because gynecomastia accounts for over 65% of male breast disorders. Some men do not have it. A healthy diet and increased exercise should make the breasts go back to their standard size.


The symptoms of gynecomastia can be somewhat painful. However, there are more damaging effects to this. The potential for becoming insecure and feeling humiliated is possible.

Surgery Cost and Procedure

Surgery will be your most effective option if you have it.

You must be at a healthy weight, and your breast development must have stabilized for you to qualify for gynecomastia surgery. This ensured that you would have more firm and elastic skin that will adhere to a new shape for your body. Surgery is an option for teens who have not decreased in size in the past two years.

The first thing that will happen after you have qualified for gynecomastia is you will have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. This surgeon will answer your questions about the protocol and cost of the procedure and will perform tests to determine why you have enlarged breasts. A physical exam also should be done to decide whether or not you have an excess of glandular tissue or fat in your breasts.

The cost for surgery varies—if you need both scalpel surgery or liposuction, the costs escalate slightly. Total gynecomastia surgery cost includes the doctor‘s fee, facility cost, anesthesia, and post-surgery prescriptions.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons notes the average price is just over $3000.