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Denver LASIK Surgery Specialists




LASIK eye surgery is an innovative procedure that continues to grow in popularity among individuals with a variety of vision issues. The LASIK procedure is most common among patients who are nearsighted, farsighted or suffer from astigmatism, and laser surgery is also used to correct issues like cataracts as well as flashes and floaters that tend to increase with age. LASIK is designed to create what is known as “best vision,” which is basically how well an individual can see when they are wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Often times, the procedure succeeds well above this standard expectation, as many patients successfully achieve 20/20 vision once their eyes have completely adjusted after the surgery. If you are in the Denver area and are looking for a permanent way to improve your eyesight, you will want to consult with a professional Denver LASIK surgeon to determine if your particular vision issues qualify you for the procedure.

Choosing a Colorado Lasik Surgeon

When choosing a surgeon for LASIK surgery, the experience is of the utmost importance. A surgeon who specializes in LASIK will advise accordingly and only perform the surgery if you meet the requirements. Individuals with certain health issues like diabetes and diseases that compromise the immune system should not have the LASIK procedure due to possible complications, and since every patient is different, a surgeon who specializes in laser surgery will perform the procedure to meet your specific vision needs.

An inexperienced laser surgery specialist may overlook minor details that in the long run could have lasting negative effects. A professional LASIK surgeon will also take the time to monitor your progress long after the procedure in order to check for signs of regression and ensure that your vision is improving as it should.

The LASIK Procedure

While the qualifying criteria and initial exams are quite complex when it comes to LASIK surgery, the actual procedure is quick and painless. It occurs in two phases, and typically the two phases are completed within 30-40 minutes. The surgeon will first create an incision in the outer corneal tissue by using a laser. The next step consists of the surgeon applying laser energy to the inner cornea, precisely shaping it according to the surgeon’s measurements.

You will not feel the laser energy, but you will hear a clicking noise as the laser pulsates. If you are farsighted, the laser will work to increase the curve of the cornea, and if you are nearsighted, the laser will decrease the cornea’s curve. Once the laser pulse procedure is complete, the doctor will then carefully reposition the flap that they created at the start of the surgery to ensure proper healing and accurate vision.

Bright and Clear Eyesight

The LASIK procedure works wonders on a variety of eye conditions and has an amazing rate of success among patients with varying vision levels. While laser eye surgery is meant to be permanent, there is always the option to repeat the procedure later on down the line if there are any changes in your vision, ensuring that your eyesight will remain crisp and clear for many years to come.