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The Pros and Cons of Placenta Cord Banking



A procedure that many couples are considering is placenta cord storage. The blood from the placenta cord can actually be lifesaving, but many couples are still on the fence about the idea. That’s why it’s important to have a firm understanding of the pros and cons of placenta cord banking.

Cord Blood Can Save Your Child’s Life

One of the number one reasons parents save their child’s placenta cord blood is that it can save the child’s life. The blood can be frozen and stored indefinitely, but stem cell surgery is usually only done up until young adulthood. Regardless, if your child has a disease that requires a bone marrow transplant, this blood can save her life.

It Can Also Save a Family Member’s Life

Placenta cord blood can also save the life of a close family member. In some cases, parents have had additional children in order to use the cord blood to save the life of one of their children. While this may not seem ethical to some, it may be the only option in some cases.

More Likely to Be Accepted by the Body

The stem cells from a child’s own placenta cord blood are more apt to be accepted by the body. This means that the child is less likely to have to go through multiple transplants in order for the procedure to be successful.

The Stem Cells Can Develop Into Different Kinds of Cells

Stem cells can develop into different kinds of cells, meaning that the placenta cord blood may be used to treat or cure a number of health conditions.

You Need to Be Prepared

One downside to saving the placenta cord blood is that this is something you need to consider early in pregnancy. Because the procedure isn’t routine, you need to make sure you have everything that is needed beforehand and choose a hospital that understands the procedure.

It Can Be Expensive

The only other downside is the price. Depending on which company you use you may have to pay several hundred dollars for a collection kit. It will then cost $1000-$2000 dollars for a company to store the sample, plus a $100 a year maintenance fee.

Is placenta cord blood collection and storage expensive? Yes. It is worth the cost? Most certainly. The ability to save your child’s life with their own cord blood is truly amazing. If you’re pregnant, you should definitely consider this option carefully and act quickly. This will require an investment and time to find a good hospital, which means you need to make the decision early in your pregnancy.