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Healthcare Distribution: The Life Saving Service You’ve Never Heard Of



Healthcare Distribution – A Matter Of Life And Death

Every day, all across the UK, thousands of elderly, sick, and infirm citizens open their doors to receive some very special deliveries: the drugs upon which their lives depend. Throughout the country, there are people suffering from all manner of complaints and potentially life-threatening conditions, including diseases such as, for example, diabetes, angina, and Parkinson’s.

These individuals, who are often elderly and living alone, represent some of the hardest to reach and consequently most vulnerable people in Britain. For these people, as well as thousands of others, the relatively unknown healthcare distribution industry can really mean the difference between life and death.

What Does Healthcare Distribution Involve?

In the most general sense, healthcare distribution relates to the delivery of medical supplies to patients and hospitals. A division of logistics, healthcare distribution can entail bespoke storage and transportation models that are far more complex than many logistics firms can offer.

Medical supplies such as, for example, medicines, needles, or bandages need to be kept absolutely sterile and often need to be stored and transported in temperature-controlled conditions. Warehouses and vans may need refrigeration units, sterile lockers, and temperature-sensitive, responsive transportation facilities.

Helping Primary Care Trusts

It is not only the end-users – the sick, the elderly, the infirm – who benefit enormously from the work of healthcare distribution services. Primary Care Trusts and Health Boards, who are funded by the NHS and for whom budget constraints and limitations are under constant strain, rely on the flexibility of healthcare distribution professionals to enable them to keep costs as low as possible.

The plethora of diverse demands made on the storage and transportation of medical supplies means that outsourcing healthcare distribution to a dedicated logistics company is the most cost-effective and reliable solution.


The flexibility that a professional healthcare distribution company can offer incorporates many different aspects, for example:

  • Temperature-sensitive warehousing facilities located all across the country for storing medicines in a controlled environment
  • Delivery vehicles of all shapes and sizes – from lorries to little vans, meaning that the transportation mode is always appropriate and cost-effective as it can be
  • Storage facilities are located strategically so they are in the vicinity of ports, motorways, or airports
  • CRB checked drivers who are specially trained and understand the specific requirements for confidentiality and discretion.
  • All medical supplies delivered to patients are transported in plain white vans to ensure absolute privacy and totally discreet service.

In Safe Hands

Primary Care Trusts and Health Boards across the nation depend on the services of reliable and devoted professional logistics companies to ensure fast efficient and cost-effective healthcare distribution. Without the support of these dedicated professionals, healthcare distribution would become a massive headache for the health service. Professional logistics firms ensure that this is one thing that they – and their vulnerable, sick, elderly, and frail clients – never need to worry about.