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How to Apply Perfume



Nobody wants to be the smelly kid in class. Or in the office! To make sure that you always smell your best, you use perfume. Applying the perfect scented perfume is usually the last step that many women make when getting ready for their day. Getting the best perfume scent for you is important, but it’s just as important as where you apply and how.

Many women believe that you just spray a couple of simple sprites to your neck and clothes and you’re done. However, that’s not always the case. Since you bought the perfect perfume, you should want to make sure that you apply it in the best way possible. This way it will make you smell amazing and it will last longer.

1. Shower Before Applying
Before you apply your perfume, take a shower. Your skin is much more absorbent when it is wet. This means that the perfume will get absorbed into your skin much better, hence lasting much longer. It surely won’t last as long if you apply it to dry skin.

2. Your Pulse Points
These are the points on your body where your skin is closest to your blood vessels. These spots on your body will emanate heat from your body which will help the fragrance waft into the air more. These points can be found in the following areas:

• The wrists
• Behind your ear lobes
• In your cleavage
• Behind your knees
• Your inner elbows
• Your throat
These areas, when perfume is applied, will help emit the scent of your perfume off of your body. This will make it much easier for others to get your amazing smell.

3. Using lotion-
Before you apply the perfume to the points named above, you should apply unscented lotion to those areas beforehand. This will help the lotion “stick” to your body making it last longer.

4. Only one Sprits
When you spray your perfume, you should only spray one single sprit on the given pulse points. You don’t want your smell to be too overbearing, this will make it hard for others to be around you. You don’t want to be known as the lady that wears entirely too much perfume.

When perfume is sprayed on the wrists, often times many people will rub their wrists together. You want to avoid doing this as it will “crush” the scent. You also want to avoid spraying the perfume in the air and then walking through it. While this can be effective, it can be a major waste of your perfume. So if you are someone that likes to savor their products for as long as possible before buying a new one, this isn’t the best way to apply your perfume.

5. Designer Perfumes Aren’t Everything
When you are buying your perfume, know that there are hundreds of amazing smelling products out there. Just because the bottle has “Chanel” on the front, doesn’t make it the best perfume in the world. While designer perfumes are great, there are cheaper brands that are just as good.

It’s important to remember that your perfume doesn’t spray paint, you don’t want to overpower your body with your product. But don’t be too shy with your fragrance either so that people can barely smell it. Wear your perfume, don’t let your perfume wear you.

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