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Wearing Your Bling Right: Basic Jewelry Tips



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It used to be that the wearing of jewelry was simple: it looked flashy enough, you put it on. Never mind how it looked on you, what had mattered then was only that it had to be seen: a status symbol, an accessory, an identifier…but as with humans, we always seem to like taking something functional beyond just function. Take clothes, for example; originally they were meant to keep us warm and protected from the elements. Now, if given a choice to wear a warm albeit horrific old sweater to going naked, most of us would rather go naked than be caught wearing something unfashionable. Admit it.

Now, jewelry does not drop that far from the tree of things humans took to a whole new level. The jewelry you wear, like your haircut, has to fit according to your face shape. Who knew? All I ever knew about jewelry was that if it looked sparkly, you put it on and it’ll look good. For shame!

Oval faces

Highly considered to be an ideal face shape, people with oval faces are…well, allowed to wear almost anything. What you wear is your judgment call. And, judging by the plethora of jewelry out there, it’s going to be pretty difficult to make a mistake.

Round faces

Round faces are shorter than oval faces and slightly wider. People with round faces should wear earrings that are vertically long and rounded, or other shapes as long as they are wide and have gently curved lines. The length of the earrings should be just between your earlobe and your jawline; the tip here is to avoid long and narrow earrings as they will emphasize the roundness of your face.

In necklaces, especially with pearls or beads, make sure that they should be long enough to reach the bottom of the middle of your breastbone. Avoid large beads; the larger the beads are, the wider your face will look! Chokers or high necklaces that sit directly on the neck are a big no-no, as the horizontal lines these create will only make your face look wider. Also, fine thing chains of any length should also be avoided at all costs.

Narrow faces

These have more length but less width than the classic oval. A narrow face typically gives the appearance of larger facial features, therefore making large, non-vertical earrings look fantastic on them. Round earrings or shaped earrings are the best.

With necklaces, the length should be shorter, because the longer it is, the longer it will make your face look. If you have a narrow face and a very long neck, go for a choker; the horizontal line will balance the vertical fixation.

Heart-shaped faces and diamond-shaped faces

The chin is the narrowest pointing this facial shape, and the forehead, the widest. Diamond-shaped faces are similar, only with harder angles than the heart-shaped faces. What they have in common both is that they are wider at the top, narrow at the base.

Drop earrings are perfect for these facial types, as they balance the upper and lower portions of the face. They should also avoid necklaces that are too vertical under the chin or have a V-shape as this will only cause the chin to look more pointed, and that the more rounded types are more flattering, to soften the sharpness of the chin.

Triangular Faces and Square-shaped faces

Triangular face shapes have narrower hairlines and wider jawlines, while the square face is hard and angular, with hairlines and jawlines just about the same width. Since both facial types usually desire to lessen emphasis on the length of their faces or the hardness of their jawlines, short earrings are the suggested jewelry and should line between the ear and the jawline. However, with longer necks, the length will be allowed to increase.

Longer necklaces look best on people with these facial types, while small pendants on short fine chains make the face look wider.