Back Pain – Causes and Cures


Back pain is a nagging problem with no real effective treatment apart from creams, massages, muscle relaxant sprays and the occasional pain killer tablets. Persistent, severe back pain, however, is a cause for concern and requires the attention of a qualified general physician. Did you ever realise that back ache is often the result of improper posture, or excess physical strain? Such causes are easily remediable once you figure out the exact cause(s) for that hurting back.


Back aches usually tend to fade with time, only to mostly re-surface again. This is very true in my case.

  • Acute pains are those sudden aches that surface and wane within a short time, indicating that there could be a problem.
  • Chronic pains are equally bad, just that they last for months and that too at the same place, confirming that something is wrong.
  • Distorted or prolapsed spinal cord units (discs) cause intense pain when they rub against the nerves in the vicinity.
  • Joint diseases directly or indirectly lead to backaches. Inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or spondylitis, degenerative conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and other diseases may affect the spinal cord, ligaments or muscles, or even put extra strain on these structures, triggering pain.
  • Any damage or irritation to the sciatic nerve may lead to pain in the legs and back region, resulting in Sciatia.
  • Inter vertebral friction in the spinal cord also results in acute pain.

I always ensure that I realise the seriousness of the pain, before making any attempts to rub it away.


The main causes of back aches include rough manual handling of materials, poor posture, awkward movements, stretching and straining, repetitive actions taking their toll on the body, poor bedding, inappropriate footwear, over-exertions, over-weight and wrong set of exercises.

How Back Pain Can Affect You?


Back aches have always had a nagging effect on me. Low concentration levels, inability to complete work on time, and perpetual discomfort, all affect the quality of time I spend on my daily routine at work or at home, not to mention the embarrassment of having to support my comfortably while battling with the discomfort! I can neither pamper nor ignore my backaches, for it is important to get rid of them and get back to work at the earliest. Back problems are even more difficult to handle for me, as I have young children at home constantly seeking my attention.


Apart from the chronic and medically serious back problems, I prevent backache by adopting a set of precautions:

  • Pay Attention to your Posture – I give attention to the way I sit, stand, walk or when I do any physical movement for that matter. My try to keep my back straight and relaxed even when I lie down for a sleep.
  • Stay Healthy – I adopt a regular routine of suitable exercises to keep active and strengthen my abdominal and back muscles. Stretch and tone your muscles regularly and feel them improve with training.
  • Work Safely – Safe lifting techniques are a must for manual handling of materials both at home and at work. Training staff in safe lifting techniques, such as manual handling of materials, is an ideal way to prevent work-related injuries.


I get over my backache by keeping healthy and active. I also use a supportive mattress, comfortable footwear creams and OTC painkillers to avoid stress and strain, strengthen my abs and back muscles, and I also keep a regular watch on my posture.

I always try to find out what exactly is the cause of my backache and chart out a plan for recovery, if the pain is not chronic.

Ross Davies writing for Lebreton Training about preventing injury in the workplace with manual handling training.


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