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Is Your Office Hurting Your Back?



Sitting all day at a desk can put a significant strain on your back. Three out of every five Americans sit at an office five days a week while they are at work. Sitting at your desk continuously puts a strain on your back, resulting in severe lumbar pain or severe back problems.  Don’t let your back become a problem at the office. Avoid back pain by supporting it in the best way possible with some of the advice provided below.

Take Constant Breaks

Always getting up and stretching is another way to help eliminate back problems. If you are sitting for over four hours straight without getting up, your back will continuously be in pain. Every hour you should get up and walk around for a few minutes or even stretch. This will help get the blood circulating in your body and allow you to extend your back.  By continually doing this, it will enable you to readjust your posture when you sit back down so you can catch yourself if you aren’t sitting correctly.

Engaging in Gym or Yoga

Maintaining good posture can help eliminate back pain. If your company offers free or discounted gym memberships, this is something you should take advantage of. By working out properly, this can help you develop great posture and maintain it. Another great option to take advantage of if you belong to a gym is yoga classes. Yoga enables you to strengthen your core muscles, which will help create better posture and help eliminate any potential back problems that could arise.

Lumbar Support

Eliminating lumbar pain can quickly be done if you have the proper support. Many office chairs do not give you the back support you need, especially if you are sitting all day long. There are a few different options you can look into to get them back help you need. An easy way to get proper back support is investing in a lumbar support cushion or pillow. These inexpensive pillows give you the support you need and help train your body into sitting the proper way. Another alternative can be purchasing your ergonomic office chair. These types of chairs help you sit up straight and naturally follow the curve of the lower back.

Don’t allow your office to hurt your back anymore. Take the necessary actions to care for your back and maintain proper posture to ensure that you do not develop back pain due to sitting in an office all day long.