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Coping with Back Pain – Five Ways to Relax and Destress



Are you attempting to treat back pain that requires herniated disk treatment? Have you received injections, filled prescriptions for pain medicine, and tried physical therapy? Even after these treatments, do you still suffer? People that suffer from back pain usually have more stress than the average person. Anxiety can stem from a variety of issues, so those with back pain must learn to remove pressure from their lives as much as possible. Relaxation is key.

What Can You Do To Relax?

This sounds like a simple question. However, many people neglect to care for their mental well-being. Many feel selfish or guilty for indulging in self needs; however, by not taking time to relax, a person is at risk for intensifying their back pain. It is more important for a person to treat him or herself to some simple therapeutic relaxation techniques. Relaxing in a hot tub first, and then sitting in a sauna for a while will not only help the pain, but it will get rid of some of the toxins that put extra stress on the body.


Getting a deep tissue massage is another way to relieve stress as well as help with pain. Often, massage parlors will incorporate scent and heat therapy to maximize relaxation. Massages may even relax a person to the point of sleep.


Meditation isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It is comprised mainly of deep breathing and quieting the mind. It is as simple as picking a quiet place, clearing intrusive thoughts, and focusing on taking deep breaths in and out. Meditation will not only calm a person but also clear their mind. It will give the brain a rest from invasive and distractive thoughts and de-stress the body so that the back can rest.


Exercising is a simple notion, yet few people do it. It may seem counterintuitive to engage in physical activities when you are in pain; however, exercise releases natural stress-relieving chemicals into the body that also relieves pain. A person does not need to exert themselves to feel the benefits of exercise. Simple activities like walking, yoga, or bicycling will help with relaxation and pain relief.

These tips will help curb a person’s stress that is likely increasing the intensity of their back pain. These tips are not a replacement for herniated disk treatment, but rather, another tool to help ease back pain.