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How To Fill Prescriptions Online



The easiest way to fill prescriptions has got to be online. Many retailers offer great options for reminding you when to reorder, save your previous data so you don’t have to waste time, and automating the billing and shipment so you’re never out of that regular prescription.

If you’ve never ordered your scripts online you may be hesitant. Thankfully the process is not all that different from filling your order at a local brick and mortar location. However, there are a few key changes which are outlined below to help make the transition painless:

Find A Pharmacy

Take a gander for prescription drugs online and you may be astounded at the huge number of options out there. There are plenty of very good places to order medicine online… and not-so-good places. Scammers exist in every corner of the web and that includes prescription medicine. Luckily there are a few organizations out there that certify if a website is authorized to sell drugs and if they keep good standards in place. For now, perform a search and make a list of potential pharmacies and their web addresses. We’ll look to make sure these fulfill certain requirements to make certain they are qualified to sell prescriptions.

Look for the License

Finding a pharmacy isn’t so hard with a few guidelines. First of all, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good company so look for a license on the website to make sure that they are a legitimate organization. The license should come from that company’s home state or province. For example, California or Ontario. Don’t simply trust the license posted on the site, click the link and make sure it links to an official state site. You may also want to call the state to make sure that their license is legitimate and valid or if you have any other questions. Cross-reference this with the information on the pharmacy website.

Industry Certification

Next, you’ll want to look for the seal of one or more of the major certification authorities such as CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) for a Canadian drug store or Pharmacy Checker. Several others include MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacists Association) and NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association). Either of these certification authorities is valid but they may not be the only seals on the site. Many commercial associations exist to keep companies honest that may not be listed here. To be sure you will want to do a little research for peace of mind. It’s fairly easy to check with just a few minutes of research.

Do They Act Like A Real Pharmacy?

Finally, the pharmacy should ask for your actual prescription, health history, and doctor‘s contact information. Any in-person drug store would require this data before dispensing your medicine. This is to ensure that you get the correct amount and that it will not adversely affect your health. It might seem like an unnecessary step since you are ordering what you need from their shopping cart, but this is a level of safety for yourself in case something goes wrong. Drugs can interact in unexpected ways so it is best to be careful.

Speak To A Pharmacist

Another tip would be to call the company and ask to speak to an actual pharmacist. This will give you a good idea of the quality of customer service and ensure that there are qualified people on hand to fill your order. If the phone number doesn’t work it’s best to move on to another company or if the hold time is unbearable you may want to find a place with better customer service.

The way prospective customers are treated is a good representation of how you will be treated once you’re giving them your hard-earned cash. Some people have many prescriptions and inputting them into the system can be arduous and time-consuming. Save yourself a potential hassle by giving their support and customer service a test by calling and asking some basic questions. Ask to speak to a pharmacist and ask basic questions about the drugs you take to ensure they are knowledgable and easy to communicate with.


Follow the above steps to find a good online pharmacy. You may want to make orders from several different companies then compare results to find one that suits you. In many ways, they are the same as far as pricing. The real differentiators will be customer service and how quickly your drugs arrive. Keep in mind that some companies will not offer the medicine that you require so having a list of several pharmacies on hand will be very helpful.