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Organize Your Medication with Automated Medicine Dispensers



The memory capacity decreases as you grow old. Remembering the dosages of medicines might become very difficult at times.  Whether a patient is taking the right medicines at the right time or not, is something that continuously bothers the loved ones concerned. The best way to deal with poor memory, especially in the case of taking medicines, is to make a proper routine.

If you are someone who is going through a similar situation, then there is a better alternative for the same.  Without making of mental note, you can take the prescribed medication easily and precisely. Many companies have introduced an automated medication dispenser. It is effective and simple to use. It is because of this reason this product has gained great popularity and success.

How does an automated medicine dispenser work?

This dispenser has to be loaded once in a month, with all the important prescribed medicines. This machine is beforehand, programmed to dispense medicines at the pre-determined time. It alerts the patients or the caretaker about the medicines.

Generally, in standards medicine dispensers there are audible alarm buzzers. This alarm will keep on ringing until the compartment holding the current medicine dose does not get empty. For people with hearing problems, a bright flashing light is an option that is added to this system.

It has a unique alarm system, which has been designed with the intention of providing timely medical help. If medicines are not taken on time it lets the companies know about the same and one of the representatives will contact the relatives of the patient. In this way, you can be aware of the situation beforehand.

The system is programmed so meticulously designed and functions properly. At one point in time, the compartment that holds the medicines functions, and the other remains close.

Benefits of the system:

  1. The patient’s safety is improved.
  2. The possibility of taking the wrong medicine is completely eliminated.
  3. If the patient has not taken medicines his caretaker is notified.
  4. It gives convenience by reducing physical steps and methods.
  5. As all the medications and supplies are stored in the same cabinet, everything becomes just so handy.
  6. It reduces costs.
  7. If installed at hospitals, it increases the efficiency of the pharmacy and nursing staff.

 Importance of automated medicine dispenser:

For many individuals taking medicines on time and in the right dosage, keeps them healthy and tackle the issue properly. There are a number of people who need to get admitted in an emergency because of the casualness in the matter of taking medicines. There are many cases noted in which the patient can die, because of not taking proper medicines on time and worst taking the wrong dosage at the wrong time.

This device is quite simple to operate and inexpensive as well. It can be relied upon for taking medicines at the right time and in the correct amount. It is very ideal for old people and children who are unwell.

Generally, old people are not able to take proper medication on proper time because of the following reasons:

  • They did not understand the instructions well.
  • They are confused about the time of taking the medicines.
  • Because of poor memory, they sometimes assume they have already taken medicines.
  • They are not confident about the right dose and thus don’t take medicines at all.
  • They are not in a state to identify which tablet is supposed to be taken at what time.

These are all general problems, due to which patients of old age are not taking medication on time. All these issues are resolved when an automated medication dispensing system is installed.