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Exercising: How to Be Motivated



The drudgery of exercising regularly may lead one to quit his or her workout program. This is quite a common trend. In fact, up to 45% of people who sign-up for gym memberships quit their programs annually, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association.

However, fitness should not necessarily be a grueling activity. You can remain enthusiastic and motivated by developing goals, and choosing workout activities that you enjoy. Here are four handy tips to boost your morale, and inspire your workout regimen:

Develop Short and Long-term Fitness Goals

Jot down a number of simple goals before setting a workout program. While doing this, note that short-term fitness objectives should be practical and attainable. For instance, you can decide to walk or jog on a treadmill briskly for five to ten minutes for three days in a week.

Once you get the hang of it, up the tempo by walking or jogging for twenty minutes for four days in a week. Fitness goals should always be in line with your current physical condition. So, do not be over ambitious since failure to achieve lofty goals can lead cause you to abandon your program.

Search for Fun Workout Programs

Search for fitness programs that are not only challenging to execute but also fun in nature. For instance, you can join a local sports club, and participate in games that you played during your childhood. Do not restrict your workouts to the gym only.

Fun and active sports such as swimming, volleyball, softball, squash, and martial arts are great ways to burn calories. Ballroom dancing, bowling, and similar active hobbies are also ideal alternative methods of maintaining good health.

Schedule the Best Workout Time Possible

Draft a timetable of your daily activities and commitments every week. You are likely to find a couple of hours that you usually spend lounging around the house. This free time is the best for doing exercise. It is difficult to concentrate on training while your eyes are on the clock most of the time. The best solution is to assign a specific time for working out every week.

Track Your Progress

Maintain a journal of your workout program in line with your envisaged goals. Note down the positive changes and benefits your body experiences as you continue with the fitness regimen. This will help you to remain focused on your goals while reminding you of progress achieved so far.

Many people quit training midway due to a loss of motivation. This is partly because of the physical and mental challenge of working out, as well as the routines involved. However, you can maintain your personal drive for fitness by developing realistic short-term goals, searching for fun physical activities, finding the best time to work out, and tracking the results of your fitness regimen.