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Exercise 101: Why You Are Losing Zest In Getting Fit



Getting fit and in shape is one of the best goals anyone can have. Most of us have great intentions and start out with a bang. We go to the gym every day. We eat healthfully most of the time. We’re even starting to lose weight and see muscle definition. And then, something happens. We lose our steam and things start to take a downhill turn. Maybe we are not going to the gym as much, or we do not eat as well as we did. Either way, something needs to change. What can you do when you lose your zest?

Choosing an activity you enjoy is a great first step. Some of us start going to the gym without really understanding if the activities are things that we truly like. If you lose your zest, it could be because you are simply bored, or you’ve decided that you don’t like the fitness routine you have. This is an excellent time to spend some time trying new things and seeing which activities you actually like. Take advantage of the gym’s fitness classes and see if something strikes you as fun and interesting. You can also do things like taking a dance class or a sport.

Another key step to getting your zest and motivation back is to equip your home with tools and equipment that will help keep you motivated. Selecting some fitness-related DVDs is a good strategy. Another thing you can do is choose the right treadmill or other fitness equipment. That way, you can sneak in a workout during your favorite movie or program or whenever you have a lull in your day. Sometimes, people stop hitting the gym because they feel as if they really do not have time for it. You can combat this excuse before it starts.

Another strategy is to make sure that you maintain your eating habits. If your eating has slipped, you may want to examine why. Are you too busy to prepare your own meals? Are you experiencing stresses in your life and have started turning to food? Alternatively, perhaps you just bored with the things you are eating and need to shake things up. To start eating healthfully again you may want to try new recipes and foods. Otherwise, if you are experiencing some stress and that is why you have started eating poorly, perhaps you should find someone to talk to who can help.

Are you losing your zest in getting fit? If that is the case, you need to first figure out why. Perhaps you are bored with your exercise routine and your diet. Maybe you do not have time to work out and hit the gym. Or, perhaps you really just need to shake things up. No matter what it is, it is important to take a step back and learn what the real problem is. Then, you can make the adjustments you need to make in your routine so you can find the motivation once again. The solution may be as simple as trying a new fitness class or recipe.