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7 Days to a Healthier You



Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and feeling lethargic? Chances are you may need to detox your mind body and soul. For the next 7 days treat yourself to a mini makeover.

Regular detoxes focus on a fast or juice cleanses but you don’t need to starve yourself in order to be healthy and happy.

In fact, studies show that people who do not deprive themselves of specific foods end up being happier and enjoying their life more than those who are constantly on a strict diet.

Think Positive Thoughts

The first thing you want to do is actually create a positive world around you by thinking positive thoughts when you think positive thoughts good things happen.

Think of it as a mental cleanse or a makeover for your mind. Every time you have a negative thought, immediately think of something positive and follow it with a positive. You just go to gratitude instead of being mad or negative, you think about something positive and be thankful for it.

Move your body studies show that people who exercise actually feel more clarity and eat less throughout the day. If you’re trying to lose weight, one of the best things you can do is to exercise and move your body.

Many people don’t actually like working out or exercising. Find an activity that you really enjoy, such as jump roping, gardening, golfing, or dancing. Anything that brings you joy will be lasting and have a profound effect on your overall well-being.

Take Care of Yourself

The easiest way to feel better fast is to take care of yourself. Look in the mirror and think positive thoughts and exercise daily but also make sure you’re keeping up with other daily routines, like brushing your teeth, washing your face, and flossing your teeth every day.

When you take steps to feel good you look good and you smile more. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to increase and improve your well-being and your mood instantly.

The more you smile the happier you are and the more you smile the more other people around you will want to smile. Smiling is contagious, make sure that you like your smile. If you don’t your dentist can help.

Visiting the dentist especially this time of year is a great time to catch up on your health. They will help you clean your teeth and you can even get a teeth whitening program designed solely from your dentist.

This holiday season you’ll be happy healthy and hot with these easy-to-follow tips to help you feel better and smile more.