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Muladhara: The Root Chakra



Muladhara, the root chakra, is located below the spine, between the sexual organ and anus, or sometimes described as being at the ovaries or prostate. It is the lower-most of the seven chakras, and, when balanced, can make us vital, charismatic, and energetic. The root chakra is where the nadis, or energy channels begin as they climb up the spine, spiraling and crossing in certain locations, allowing energy to flow from our bodies to the cosmos and from the cosmos to our bodies, keeping us forever connected to eternity and pure consciousness.

The entire chakra system, and the human being, animal, or any living system, can be recognized in the Muladhara chakra, whose functions are those of basic survival. Eating, sleeping, moving, breathing, safety, security, and physical well-being are the drives that stem from the profound energy of the root chakra. Since every living creature on earth experiences these same drives, in the same way, this chakra is the powerful, overwhelming energy of the will to live and the desire to be.

The root chakra is also what keeps us grounded and connected to the earth. This vital life energy comes down between the feet to create a sense of connectivity with all life, but also contains the amazing force, Kundalini, which rises up through the spine, awakening our spiritual drive and potential. It is no wonder this power center is considered to be so important. Anything that disrupts our sense of security, safety, or stability can seriously disrupt this chakra, and cause problems associated with it to arise in our lives time and time again.

Constant problems with money, material stability, and the inability to stand one’s ground or stick up for the self are found in those with a blocked or closed root chakra. These wounds are often inflicted in childhood, and low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence are normally present. Because this energy center affects all the others, an imbalance here can seriously disrupt the developmental potential of an individual. Imbalances occur both if the chakra is closed or blocked, or if it becomes too open.

If Muladhara is too open, a person can become obsessed with money, health, and routine. Those with an overly open root chakra despise change and will be resistant to anything that imposes on their schedule. These people may also be hoarders, penny pinchers, or hermits. Many of us know at least one person who fits this description. Imbalances in this area are very common.

The root chakra is red and, sometimes, bright yellow. It is symbolized by a four-petaled red lotus with a yellow, downward-pointing triangle inside of it. The element of this energy center is earth since it is the foundational energy of life, and, coiled inside this chakra, blue, pure kundalini energy sleeps until it is wakened through meditation. Kundalini is the spiritual energy, often seen as a coiled snake, which, when awakened, will rise up through the central channel in the spine, opening the individual chakras and producing spiritual growth and insights as it goes. Once it pushes through the crown chakra at the top of the head, it grants enlightenment.

Keeping the Muladhara balanced requires exercise and meditation. When this energy center is neither too open nor too closed, an individual is seen as grounded, charismatic, steady, trustworthy, and confident. A strong connection with the earth is the foundation of all life, as it is the earth that sustains every creature. The root chakra contains the very energy of life, and, in the form of kundalini, the lowest energy center holds within it the human desire for spiritual unity and enlightenment.