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Personal Fitness Suggestions – How To Have A Fit Pregnancy?



Personal fitness suggestions – how to have a fit pregnancy?

There are mixed opinions when it comes to what is required to stay fit during pregnancy. Some pregnant women might be worried that some workouts can be dangerous to their babies, but then it might not be the case particularly when you have talked to your doctor about it.

It is not a bad thing when you try to stay fit during pregnancy, but most importantly, you have to get clearance from your doctor just in case of any other issues regarding your pregnancy. Mostly, a woman can maintain normal and less intense exercises during pregnancy, and then later incorporate exercises such as swimming and walking to get fit.

Exercises during pregnancy will help you to achieve flexibility and maintain the body movement. Such exercise can prepare you fully for labor during delivery. On top of that, taking part in swimming, walking and gentle exercises can help you to have easy delivery and healthy babies.

Exercises that can help you to get a fit pregnancy
Women are more resilient than most people think. Therefore, when they check with their doctors, they will realize that it is not dangerous to maintain normal daily activities even during pregnancy. The doctor can also recommend a slight increase in the level of activity.

The following are some of the exercises a pregnant woman can consider:

1. Swimming

This is an excellent form of exercise for pregnant women. However, if you don’t swim regularly you might want to take things slow; maybe prepare yourself by starting with a warm up.

Swimming can help you get a fit pregnancy because:

It helps in the reduction of discomfort that is brought about by baby aches

• It provides strength to the stomach muscles of pregnant women
• It aligns the pelvis, which ensures that the baby is in the right position before delivery.
• It also helps you to have a feeling of weightlessness, which helps you take the burden of the weight from the baby.

2. Walking

What makes walking to be a great exercise for pregnancy is the fact that you can do it at the level you can handle. It is recommended that you walk half an hour every day.
• Walking increases the level of circulation of blood in your body.
• It also helps in the alignment of the pelvis for safe deliveries.

3. Pelvic floor exercises

These exercises are also known as Kegels; they are also highly recommended because:
• They help in stretching the Pubococcygeus muscles. These muscles help you control the flow of urine
• They also help in increasing sensitivity during sex
• They assist in strengthening the muscles. The PC muscles can be strengthened by squeezing them 10 -15 times continuously.

4. Squats and lifting weights

These exercises can be difficult to do, and it is important to ask your doctor if it is advisable to do them.
• It is evident that they help in strengthening the core
• Lead to improved muscle toning when delivering.

These exercises are paramount in helping pregnant women achieve fit pregnancies. However, before taking part in any of them, it is very important to check with your doctor in order to get clearance that can allow you to do them. You can seek the assistance of professionals such as FerrellWhited fitness for assistance.