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7 Reasons You Should Know More About Circuit Training



Have you ever heard of the words the keyword circuit training?  When I first heard of it, it conjured up images of bright leotards and shiny chrome.  But what is to follow is not that type of circuit training.

Do you know what sort of prospect might try a search on that term? Typically it is people who are into exercise or weight loss.  There are probably not very many who have ever run into it. It’s possible that millions of people have seen it, maybe some have even done it slightly in some manner or other. Most pass it by without much thought and go on to other things that more vitally concern them at the moment…So just what is the real truth right here? Just what exactly is circuit training, and why should it be critical to us?

Let’s look at seven factors why you must know more about circuit training, just to determine if any of them fit you or any individual you already know.

First, it is an intense form of exercise that will give you the best of cardio exercises and weight training. Fine, I realize your objection that it is hard to get the best of both worlds. And yes, that is a valid observation. But have a look at it this way, you are training to lose weight not to lift in an Olympic event.  So if you are not specialized it isn’t a problem.  Furthermore, give thought to this because of its intensity, workouts tend to be short allowing you more time to yourself.

Second, the exercises are compound and incorporate the entire body igniting fat loss.  The reason for that might be is that circuit training more than likely involves a full-body workout.

Third, it uses a boot camp-style exercise.  I would bet you learned them in high school.  So there is not a lot to study.

Fourth, they can be done anywhere.  You don’t need to go to the gym.

Fifth, the equipment inventory is low.  You can even use your own bodyweight only if you want to.  But if you want to get some equipment it can be bought as you need it or as you can afford it and still get in a good workout.

Sixth, it can be modified easily to suit your fitness level.  For example, if you can’t do full pushups then do them on your knees.

Seventh, each circuit can be different.  Each time you exercise you can mix in new exercises, or you can mix in when you do old exercises.  You can do a variety and keep boredom away by using different exercises.  This hopefully will keep your attention and on track to reach your fitness goals!

When you evaluate all of the reasons and evaluate them, you will have to admit that an extremely compelling case could be made for understanding a lot more about circuit training.

Just think about this. Maybe, just perhaps you truly, seriously, should learn more about circuit training.