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Top Tips to Whiten your Teeth and Keep Them Looking White Always



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Teeth discoloration is one of the most common cosmetic dental issues that prevent people from smiling with confidence. People with discolored teeth find it very difficult to smile during interviews, first dates, and even in group photos.

This is because their discolored teeth make them feel that they do not look as great as they should. The good news is that in most cases, this is an issue that can be addressed at home or even by a cosmetic dentist in Rockwall, Texas.  If you would like to make your teeth whiter and keep them looking great, below is a rundown of tips that you can count on.

See a Dentist

Of course, there are lots of products that promise to make your teeth whiter at home. However, you have to remember that tooth discoloration could be a sign of a more serious dental issue. Unfortunately, if you have an underlying dental severe problem such as gum disease and dental cavities, applying some over-the-counter teeth whitening products can make your situation worse.

By visiting a dentist, you will get a comprehensive dental exam to determine if you are fit for teeth whitening. If there are any dental health problems, your dentist will first help you to solve them before you can go ahead with teeth whitening. If your dental health is okay, the dentist can also do the teeth whitening and guide you on how you keep your teeth healthy and white.

Eat Food That Does Not Stain Your Teeth

To keep your teeth looking white, you must start getting used to the food that does not stain your teeth and avoid the food that stains the teeth. Some common foods that are known to stain teeth include red wine, black tea, fruit juices, soy sauce, and coffee. Diet that promotes teeth whitening include apples, milk, orange, cheese, carrots, and strawberries.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is not just a health hazard; it is also known to promote tooth discoloration. Therefore, if you would like to whiten your teeth and keep them looking white always, then it is wise for you to quit smoking if you smoke, or avoid it if you are not into it already.

Brush and floss

The build-up of plaque can cause tooth decay and discoloration. To avoid this, it is wise for you to brush and floss at least two times per day. It is also imperative for you to go for a professional dental cleaning at least twice per year. Remember also to replace your toothbrush every three months.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that tooth discoloration is quite a common cosmetic dental issue. Although there are teeth whitening products that you can buy over the counter and do at home, it is wise for you to work with a professional dentist to ensure that your teeth are in good health.

If you are looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist offering professional teeth whitening services in Rockwell, TX, Spillman Family Dental is an excellent dental care facility to consider. Feel free to visit or contact them today for more information about their practitioners and services.

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