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All About You Need to Know About Ear Candling



The procedure of ear ‘candling’ is a widespread type of therapy offered by numerous top-class spas. The process entails the removal of ear wax and other impurities from your ear canal using an ear candle. One of these ear-candling sessions can cost a great deal of money, but you can get the same ear-wax removal therapy, at a fraction of the price if you and a friend do it at home. The following article will aim to explain the steps of ear-candling, for those who want to try it on their terms.

Pick an appropriate Ear Candle: Always ensure to purchase your candles from reputable suppliers. These types of candles should be made from natural beeswax and cotton, and shouldn’t include any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Human-made ingredients might cause an allergic reaction or irritation of some sort. In the case where you don’t know where to get quality natural candles – you can ask a close-by spa if they can recommend an excellent natural candle brands.

You’ll need a friend: For the duration of an ear candling session, you will be lying on your side with a candle in your ear. Since you won’t be able to see the candle from this position/orientation, you can’t practice ear candling by yourself. Therefore – you will need a friend or partner to help you through the quick procedure.

Obey the Procedure: The first instruction in the actual ear candling process is to lie on your side, with the ‘patient’ ear exposed. You need to ensure that your ear is as level as possible for the candle can remain upright. Allow your friend to cover your neck, hair, and shoulder with a piece of cloth to protect it from any dripping wax, leaving only the ear open.

As soon as you’re in a relaxed position, let your friend measure the size of your ear canal, and prune the candle end correspondingly. Note that it should fit tightly in your ear without touching the eardrum.

Let your friend gently insert the candle tip into your ear, and keep the candle at an angle to let the wax trickle down the sides of the candle, and not into the ear canal. As the candle burns, you will hear soft, crackling noises, but no pain. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the procedure, tell your friend to remove the candle promptly. Allow the candle to burn until the flame is about 5cm to 10 cm away from the protective ear covering. Your friend should gently remove the candle and cover, and you’re done.

It’s an affordable way to keep your ears squeaky clean – So if you’ve got some ear trouble, give it a shot, it might be extremely beneficial to you.