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Bionic Ear Show Promotes Hearing Protection



Students, community groups and corporate teams across the UK are learning more about protecting and preserving their hearing thanks to the Bionic Ear Show. This popular roadshow is a part of the Bionic Ear Outreach Project from Deafness Research UK and aims to promote safe listening and ear care.

Education meets Entertainment

The Bionic Ear Show explores the journey of sound through every part of the hearing system, demonstrating to the audience how a healthy ear should function, and what happens if a part of the ear is damaged by excessive noise. The Show, presented by Tobin May, is interactive and fun, and geared towards audience participation; the presentation includes the on-stage construction of “the world’s largest ear”, a 22-foot model that is around 116 times larger than a normal human ear.

This is certainly an effective way of encouraging kids of all ages to take an interest in the inner workings of the ear and the threat posed by exposure to excessively loud noises. Students who have attended the Bionic Ear Show have started making smarter decisions, such as turning down the volume on their earphones and carrying disposable earplugs with them to ensure they have hearing protection wherever they go.

Free Hearing Screening

Audience member aged 16 or older can also benefit from a hearing screening free of charge from the Bionic Ear Show. The simple, non-invasive test takes no longer than ten minutes, and participants are provided with a complete breakdown of their results to help them determine whether they are experiencing any hearing loss. This offering from the Bionic Ear Show presents UK employers with the ideal opportunity to help their team become more aware and take better care of their ears – a definite must for those who work in loud environments such as workshops and factories.

The Importance of Hearing Protection

When being exposed to potentially harmful levels of noise, the Bionic Ear Show encourages audience members of all ages to be prepared and take care. For instance, standing a safe distance from the source of the noise (eg a firework display) can help minimize the risk, and wearing disposable foam earplugs from a pharmacy will block out harmfully loud noises while allowing nearby conversation and music to reach the ear at a comfortable decibel level.

With seasonal celebrations such as bonfire night and New Year’s Eve exposing crowds of Britons to dangerously loud fireworks, music, and numerous other hearing hazards, it is particularly important that the public is educated and encouraged to take care of their hearing over the festive season. If you haven’t seen the Bionic Ear Show yet, now is a perfect time.