Ear Health; Top Tips To Keep Them Healthy

According to a survey conducted recently, people hold eyesight and hearing in the highest regard. This is only obvious but then why do people not take care of their ears as they should. Ear health and ear protection is incredibly important to protect ones ears and in this informative article we shed some insights into top tips for healthy ears.

Top Tips and Advice For Ear Health

1. Keep problem prone ears dry

If you have ears that are prone to problems then its best to keep them dry. In important ear health information, bacteria are attracted to moist environments so when showering or bathing, protect your inner ear with a Vaseline coated piece of cotton wool. Make sure to dry then thoroughly after they have been exposed to moisture or water.

2. Never, ever poke anything foreign into your inner ear

This is a vital tip when it comes to ear health. Never poke anything, not even a cotton bud, into the inner ear. This can cause harmful damage to your hearing. Remember, the ear is self cleaning and a certain amount of wax in the ear is good as it protects it.

3. Protect your ears from loud noises

It has become a common fact that loud noises can damage your ears and prolonged exposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. If you are in an environment where loud music is a common occurrence, take regular breaks or even consider an effective pair of ear plugs.

4. Dry and itchy ears

A great tip in ear heath for those of us that have dry and itchy ears, a drop or spray of olive oil into each ear, once a week with help and alleviate symptoms.

5. Ear discomfort when flying

Many people experience discomfort when flying but this can be reduced with a few possible things. Upon descending or ascending when flying, one can chew gum, swallow and yawn regularly.

6. Do not ignore ear problems or loss of hearing

An important tip in ear health, consult a professional if you have continued ear problems or if you notice you have problems hearing. Your ear health is vital and a professional will help identify and cure any problems you may be having.

7. Keep ears clean

Keeping your ears clean in the proper way will help prevent ear problems. Wash the outer part of the ear including behind the ear with lightly soapy fingers. Wipe away the soap with wet fingers and be sure to dry the ears thoroughly afterwards.

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in the medical sphere and looks at ear health and people that want to learn to hear.

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