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Cleanse Your Body with These Excellent Health Holidays in Bali



You could go and embark on a holiday in order to have fun and to enjoy your days off. Alternatively, you could also use your holidays to take care of your health. There are holidays that you could plan that is specifically aimed towards detoxifying one’s body in order to keep it clean and healthy, at the cellular level.

Our bodies are constantly abused and under attack by the unhealthy diets that we have been taking. It is a fact that we are too busy most of the time to take care of our own cooking. We are naturally inclined to buy food that is easy to prepare like fast food. Unfortunately, these kinds of foods eat at us slowly from a cellular level.

Regain Your Well-Being with a Healthy Holiday

If you have been feeling the signs of an impending ailment or disease or if you find yourself easily getting sick even with simple ailments, it is perhaps time to think about going on a health holiday. The purpose of going on a health holiday is not to enjoy the sights, although health destinations are nestled in the middle of a very beautiful landscape or in the midst of a preserved rainforest.

As its name suggests, the purpose of a health holiday is to give one’s body the chance to relax and to regain its energies with the help of skilled health therapists as well as a regime of exercises and fitness disciplines that you will hopefully bring back to your home once the holidays are over.

Bali, The Land of Health Holidays

People who are seeking to enjoy a few days of rest and detoxification might want to go and check out Bali, a small island within the jurisdiction of Indonesia. Just like the rest of Asia, Bali is known for its exotic beaches and excellent weather as well as the health spas and establishments that stand ready to cater to weary and health-conscious travelers like you.

There are more than just a little health holiday establishments that you could find on the island of Bali. Here are a few of your options:

• Como Shambala Fitness Holiday

The Como Shambala is nestled in the middle of the lush rainforest and jungle. When you stay at the Como Shambala, you are treating yourself to an extraordinary health and fitness experience. Fitness consultants and nutritionists will consult and devise for you a very healthy diet and exercise plan that you can adhere to inside or outside the establishment.

Your stay at the Como Shambala would require you to partake in activities that are good for your health like yoga, mountain biking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and periodic massages.

The Como Shambala has been voted in 2011 as one of the top 3 spa retreats for 2012 by the readers of the Conde Nast Traveller. Booking a holiday to the establishment requires a stay of seven nights, and they currently have a promo giving the eighth night free!

• Bali Hyatt

The Bali Hyatt never fails to impress even the most experienced traveler like me. I personally like the courtyard setting that the establishment offers its visitors. Instead of luxury rooms, guests can treat themselves to accommodation consisting of holiday villas as well as pavilions that are open-air.

Of course, you could replenish your energies with its wide array of health services like anti-stress massages, aromatic scalp treatment, rejuvenating skin care, and many others! They even have a jet lag massage that could help get your bearings back after a long transoceanic flight.

• Spa Village Resort Tembok

Another health establishment in Bali that is worth a mention is the Spa Village Resort Tembok. It is a small resort with only 31 rooms but, of course, this is meant to keep the guests from being stressed out by each other’s activities in the resort.

There are three different massage therapies that you should try out, even if just to learn the respective philosophy of each – Balinese, Malay, and the foot massage. Best of all, I like the fact that this resort offers a discount that is valid whole year-round. If you come to a group of five people, the fifth person goes in free!

These are the three top health spas that I would highly recommend to you if you want to embark on a health holiday in Bali, Indonesia. Remember that our bodies are our most important assets, and thus they should be taken care of. Detoxification or a health holiday every once in a while is not bad.