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Brazilian Butt Lifts vs Butt Implants



Brazilian butt lifts vs butt implants

Butt implants are wildly popular. Our culture celebrates figures with curvy, round backsides. In the past twenty years, the rate of Americans undergoing butt implant surgeries has increased by more than 100%.

Still, the average person who has no idea what happens during the procedure. There are actually a couple of different strategies. You can opt for traditional silicon butt implants or you can get a Brazilian butt lift, which replaces the silicone with your own fat.

Here’s what you need to know.

What are Butt Implants?

Butt augmentation surgery is designed to mold and shape your buttocks. Your surgeon can craft an entirely new figure. The procedure is more common among women but it’s an option for men too.

Butt Implants

A silicone implant gives your butt an attractive, enviable curve. The material is often used in cosmetic surgeries because it’s highly durable. It can withstand the pressures associated with being inside the body. Because silicone is also flexible, it feels natural.

The surgery itself is relatively simple. First, your surgeon will make an incision in the crease between your buttocks and create a pocket for the implant. Next, the implant will be carefully and slowly implanted. It can be placed within or above your glute muscle.

Finally, the incision will be stitched shut.


Your body needs to heal after you receive your implants. Most people will be able to walk around within three days. However, you won’t be completely healed until around four weeks after your procedure.

It’s important that you do everything your doctor says during your recovery. Otherwise, your implants may not stay in place. You could end up with a lopsided butt.

While you’re recovering, you need to limit your physical activity and wear loose clothing.

You’ll be able to see your results immediately. Yet it will likely take some time before you get used to your new body.


No surgery is risk-free. However, butt implant surgery is considered to be very safe. Your biggest risks actually come after the procedure. You need to keep the incision area clean if you want to heal properly.

If you don’t, you could experience an infection at the site.

Brazilian Butt Lifts

A Brazilian butt lift is another way to reshape your butt. This method ditches the silicone and uses your body’s own fat. It’s less invasive than the traditional butt implant method, but the results don’t last as long. Your body will naturally reabsorb chunks of the fat.

One of the best ways to keep your results looking good is to maintain your weight. If you’re nowhere near your goal weight, you should hold off on getting your surgery. A significant weight gain or loss can affect how your butt looks.

You need fat for the surgeon to grab. If you’re too thin, a butt implant surgery may be more suitable for your body. The first step in the Brazilian butt lift process is a physical exam. If you’re deemed fit for surgery, you’ll proceed.

The surgeon will then perform a liposuction surgery to harvest your excess fat.

Once the fat is gathered, it can be injected into your buttocks. You and your surgeon will decide on the final size and shape beforehand.


The recovery process is easier than that associated with butt implants. You don’t have to worry about keeping an incision site clean and infection-free. This frees you from a lot of care.

However, you’ll still have to modify your life  for a while. Your butt won’t be able to bear pressure for a few weeks at least. You’ll have to be careful when you sit down. There are special pillows designed to keep your fat in place.


Because the procedure uses your own body fat, the risks are fairly small. Still, it’s possible that your surgery won’t go exactly as planned. Some patients complain about their final results. They feel as though their butt doesn’t look the way they desired.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your surgeon. A skilled surgeon can do wonders while an inexperienced one can make a potentially fatal flaw.


Both a Brazilian butt lift and butt implant surgery are viable methods for altering the shape of your butt. Both procedures have their own unique advantages. If you value long-term results, or if you have problems with body fat, a butt implant surgery is likely a better choice for your body. However, you need to present your case to a cosmetic surgeon if you want to know exactly what your options are.

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