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Change Your Life in 5 Steps



Change your life in 5 steps

You’re stuck in a rut. You need to change your life. But how?

Don’t despair. There are many ways to change your existence and most of them are free. You just need to find new ways to connect to the earth and your body.

Adopting the following habits won’t guarantee that your life becomes simple. But it might become easier.

  1. Get Healthy

It’s hard to feel good about your life if you’re unhealthy. Even small improvements in health are associated with positive outcomes.

This doesn’t mean you have to live on broccoli and chicken breast and workout five hours a day. Your healthy routine is your own. What you do need to do is take active steps to take care of your body.

No more skipping doctor’s appointments. Now you can use Smart IRX, a medical records app, to keep track of all of your data and appointment information.

When it comes to your diet and exercise plan, focus on what you feel comfortable with. Don’t adopt a vegan lifestyle if you know that meat is your favorite food. You’ll end up feeling worse after you commit to a plan and then fail. Set yourself up for success.

  1. Make a Friend

It can be tough to see the light if you’re in a dark spot. Everything appears gloomy. A friend can help life you out of your funk.

If you don’t have any friends you can rely on, it’s time to make new ones. Go to meetup groups and use online chat groups. If you put yourself out there and give it time, you can find another person to connect with.

Once that happens, your spirit can rise. Connecting with other people is one of the easiest ways to improve your mental health.

  1. Volunteer

There’s more than one way to connect to people. Volunteering is just as beneficial for you as the people that you’re helping. Perhaps even more so. You get to forget about your own troubles for a few hours and focus on making someone else feel good.

Do something that you’ll enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore. If you hate kids, volunteering in the pediatrics ward probably isn’t a good idea.

If you’d like to avoid social pressure but still want to do something good, try volunteering at an animal shelter. You can walk the dogs and play with the cats. It’s a low-stress way to reenter the world.

  1. Read

Read a book. It enriches your mind, increases your vocabulary, and gives you insight into a different world.

Now that the world is full of TVs and video games and other electronic distractions, many people have given up on reading books. However, when you’re feeling down, a book lets you lose yourself in someone else.

You get access to ideas that you would never have encountered in your normal life.

  1. Go Outside

Do you spend enough time outside? Modern workers are stuck in a cubicle. They spend their days staring at a screen or sleeping

Stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air is freeing. The sun affects your mood.

If you feel up to it, go camping for a night or two. Sleep in your car if the idea of sleeping in a tent stresses you out. You can go hiking, you can trace out the constellations in the night sky, you can meditate in complete solitude.

Camping isn’t your only option. A step as small as spending your work breaks outside can make a difference.

  1. Learn a Skill

Exercising your mind is both healthy and fun. You don’t stop learning when you leave school. Learn a new skill like cooking. Or learn a new language.

You can teach yourself for free with the help of the internet.

Improving yourself can lead to increases in self-esteem. That’s enough to lift your mood when you’re feeling glum or doubting yourself. When you learn something new, you prove to yourself that you’re a smart, capable person. Everyone needs that assurance sometimes.

Many people believe that your life needs a major overhaul if you’re not happy. That’s not true. A better way to think about it is that you need to change your ideas about what makes you happy. You don’t need a big wedding or a dream job.

Happiness exists in the moment. It’s a warm cup of coffee. An embrace with a close friend. Too often, we don’t realize that we’re happy. We’re too busy thinking about the future.

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