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All-Inclusive Health Plan: Improve Your Family’s Health In These 5 Areas



All-inclusive health plan: improve your family’s health in these 5 areas

A family that is healthy in one respect could be extremely unhealthy in another. For this reason the goal should be to have health in a variety of areas and not to slack on one aspect or another.

Health is like any other thing you need to maintain with lack of maintenance compounding certain issues. Lack of maintaining mental health can lead to a complete breakdown while doing the same with your nutrition can lead you to be morbidly obese.

The best thing that you can do is to create a plan for each area of health that you believe needs help in your life. Once you have this plan you can improve your entire family’s health in these 5 following areas.


Mental health is tough to gauge as people with issues try to keep them internalized rather than tell people about them. They do this in order to not burden others with problems that they might see as minor in their lives although they are impacting them in a major way.

The family should take time to talk about the days that each other have had as this can be a great outlet for everyone involved. Relieving stress is incredibly important daily so plan times for relaxation.

It can be easy to schedule every other part of the day whether it be time for cooking, cleaning, and work then forget about relaxation. The family pet will need to relax as well which can be difficult for dogs that have high levels of anxiety.

Cannabidog is a great example of a company making the best CBD supplements for your dog to help relieve a variety of issues.


Getting into the best shape as possible as a family is going to be a bit tougher. Try exercising as a family doing things like going on hikes or long bike rides. This does not have to be intense as it can be a good way to spend time together doing something that is healthy.

Write down personal goals for the entire family to see so you can push each other to reach them. Having the family hold each other accountable for missing a workout or eating an entire pizza themselves cannot be understated.

When working out with children you need to focus on technique not matter what type of exercise that you are doing. For teens it is important to stress technique while lifting weights as many teens want to lift heavy immediately. Explaining that bulking up and getting stronger is a process can be helpful as people tend to want immediate results.


Plenty of families live a relatively active lifestyle meanwhile their diets are extremely unhealthy. This can be due to lack of knowledge about what the family should be eating. Other reasons can be that it is far easier to pop a pizza in the oven then to prepare a fresh healthy meal for the entire family to enjoy.

Planning out meals can help with grocery shopping so you are not buying unhealthy snacks on a whim. Take the time to see a nutritionist as a family as your children could have far different nutritional needs than you or your spouse. Meal prepping is important so on longer days that might wear you out you can just throw something in the oven or on the stove. The other option is having food delivered but this is rarely healthy so avoid this as much as possible.


Routine is something that is stressed when it comes to mental health as you have to care for your teeth daily. Even the decision that you make in your diet can impact the overall health of your teeth.

Certain foods and drinks can also stain the teeth so it is also important to be aware of that. Time yourself with your smartphone when getting ready for bed to see how long you are actually brushing your teeth.

The chances are it is not as long as you estimated as it is not the most entertaining activity. Seeing the dentist biannually for a cleaning will allow you to see if there are any problems that might need to be addressed.

A Healthy Family Dynamic

The family dynamic also has to be healthy as one parent treating the children or their spouse like a second class citizen is not going to work. Kids tend to treat people the way that they see their parents treat others.

For this reason treating people that serve you at a restaurant in a good way is important otherwise you will have raised children that abuse servers for a lifetime. Do not bully your children but you should be firm as children need direction and you should provide it for them.

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