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Why Getting Older Is A Blessing In Disguise



Getting older can be a bit of a drag because you have to deal with so many changes, from the purely physical changes to the extra responsibilities and worries. However, that doesn’t stop people wanting to enjoy their old age, and why shouldn’t they? There are upsides to all the downsides when you get older.

Sure, there are lots of physical problems. When you get older, there’s every likelihood that you’ll have to invest in all sorts of new kits like digital hearing aids, false teeth, and other bits and pieces that help you deal with the fact that your senses start to deteriorate and your body continues to change.

However, once you’ve relinquished your natural teeth, you suddenly don’t feel quite as guilty about enjoying the food you love (as long as it doesn’t put your health at risk)! When your hearing goes, you suddenly don’t feel any guilt when you choose not to listen to what those around you are saying!

It might seem like you have more to worry about when you get older, but thank God that you have left behind all those horrible adolescent concerns. Now you’re in more control of the things you worry about, and the older you get, the more philosophical you tend to understand the obstacles you meet and the challenges you face.

When you look around you, and you see all those young people worrying about so much meaningless stuff, you can’t help but raise a smile knowing that they’ll reach your age to one day and realize that they ought to take it easy.

Taking it easy is something that nobody is going to give you a hard time when you get older. In many cases, your body doesn’t let you take it anything but easy, and although it can take some getting used to if you’re an active person, you come to realize there’s no harm in a bit of rest.

You start to appreciate the little things that are so important when it comes to enjoying a comfortable and happy existence. You begin to love the brief and untroubled activity of a walk in the countryside. You start to appreciate the idle chatter of those around you. You begin to reach a new level of pride in your family and friends. You begin to take pleasure in spoiling other people instead of spending your time worrying about yourself. And you begin to spend your time on the things that make you truly happy.