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Is the Nano Digital Hearing Aid a Breakthrough in Medical Technology?



Is the nano digital hearing aid a breakthrough in medical technology?

The Nano X2 Recharge Hearing Aid is a Medical Breakthrough!

  • #1 Rated Hearing Technology of 2019
  • Award Winning Sound Quality & Design

If your moderate to severe hearing loss cannot be reversed, the Nano X2 Recharge Hearing Aid may be the best solution on the market right now.

This device has become very popular with people who suffer from hearing loss for a good reason – it works better than the traditional hearing aids on the market, yet the price is affordable, offering the best market to US consumers right now.

Discretion, affordability, noise cancelling, excellent reviews:

Discretion is a great feature of the Nano X2 because this behind-the-ear device cannot be seen when it is worn. Even the wire-thin receiver is invisible. So, people do not have to know that you are wearing a hearing aid!

But what makes it better than traditional hearing aids? It is a huge technological improvement on previous Nano hearing aids and a result of many years of research and development. It has noise cancelling technology for use in noisy environments.

It has frequency adjustments for use for normal conversation, for television watching and for noisy environments. It also has 4 two-directional microphones each of which makes sound crystal clear. Just to make sure you have no fitting problems the device comes with 5 earbuds of different sizes.

With all that you would think it is difficult to use, yet anybody can use it within a few minutes of receiving it. It is that easy! That is why the Nano X2 Recharge is the best of the top-5 hearing aids reviewed by in 2019.

The best news is that this product is available at a fraction of the price of the traditional hearing aids! No other hearing aid can make this claim!

What you should know about hearing loss:

Hearing loss is a very common problem, affecting many people of different ages. In America alone, 0.2-0.3% of the babies are born with noticeable hearing problems. Then 15% of adults over 18 years have various hearing problems, 25% of adults aged 65-74 suffer from debilitating hearing loss and the figure rises to 50% of elderly people over 75 years old.

Inability to hear properly lowers the quality of life, increases number of dangerous falls and affects relationships, work and social life. This may lead to unemployment, lower earnings at work, isolation, depression, and higher medical bills for other medical problems.

Surprisingly, young people between 18 and 29 years of age take up to 7 years to seek help, yet help is as near as the Nano X2 Recharge Hearing Aid available online.

How to tell if you have hearing loss

It is easy to tell if you are having hearing problems. For example, you can struggle to understand normal conversation or you can hear but cannot understand or you keep asking people to repeat what they are saying.

You might be told many times that the TV or radio volume is too high or you may be unable to communicate in noisy situations. You may even have a ringing sound in your ears. People may tell you that you have a hearing problem but you might believe that your hearing is fine.

These symptoms are different for different people depending on how serious the problem is.

Types of Hearing Loss

There are different types of hearing loss. Conducive hearing loss occurs when there are physical problems in the outer or middle ear such as a growth or an infection or an obstruction.

This type of hearing loss is generally temporary but it can be permanent depending on the cause. Sensorineural hearing loss is normally permanent as it involves damage to the auditory nerves or the cilia in the inner ear due to trauma or sudden loud noise.

Mixed hearing loss is caused by a combination of conducive and sensorineural hearing losses.

Available Solutions for Hearing Loss

Help is available. The first thing to do once you notice that you have hearing problems is to see a doctor for help. Surgery will correct the absence or malformation or dysfunction of the middle ear if damaged by trauma.

For other conducive hearing loss problems, only an osseointegrated device or a hearing aid such as the Nano X2 Recharge will help.

Sensorineural hearing loss due to virus infection or inflammation after exposure to loud noise is normally treated with corticosteroids. Long term use of corticosteroids is the solution for gradual hearing loss due to autoimmunity.

Emergency surgery is usually performed if hearing loss is caused by accumulation of fluid in the inner ear or if there is damage due to head trauma or sudden changes in ear pressure. If there is an underlying disease causing the hearing loss, the doctor will treat that disease.

In many cases sensorineural hearing loss is not reversible so a hearing aid such as the Nano X2 is the solution.

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