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Breast Augmentation Outcomes – Turn The Odds



In all fairness, breast augmentations are probably the most discussed cosmetic surgery procedure. To put it, if you decide to get implants, then the results will be highly visible since they entail the modification of both the size and shape of breasts.

Speaking of size, this is a tough decision with numerous consequences that all women who want to enlarge their breasts need to assume. I mean, you can’t just decide for D cup implants if you are currently working in sober industries and expect people to take your expertise seriously, now can you? In my opinion, while the key element women should base their decision on is their body type, there are many other factors to take into account. Let’s elaborate.

How to decide on the size of the implants

Before you make your final decision regarding the size of the implants, I want to underline the fact that trends and beauty standards change over time. Remember the 1960s? While the beauty standards implied low body fat and big breasts, many consider this as fake and unnatural today. If you were to examine the fashion world these days, you would see that the “natural” look represents the current beauty standard.

At this point, I’m sure you are experiencing some confusion regarding the best size for your future breasts. In the eventuality that you are not entirely convinced about the optimal dimensions, here are three tricks to help you out.

  • Analyze before and after pictures

The simplest way to determine if a specific size is right for your body type consists of analyzing the before and after images provided by your cosmetic surgeon. This way, you will not only be able to observe his work, but you also get to play around with different breast sizes and determine which one suits your body type. As a side note, you can also check out nude pictures of stars on the internet, and if you see something you like, print it and take it to your doctor.

  • Find out how you will look and feel with the new size

What better way to verify if the original format is right for you than putting them on? There are two ways you can do this: you can either utilize a ziplock bag filled with rice or test your new look using the actual implants.

  • Shopping

Even though it doesn’t seem like much, shopping for lingerie and bras is an excellent way to decide on the size of the implants. More often than not, trying on bras for the desired breast size will lead you to conclude whether they are enormous or just elegant.

Lastly, don’t forget that the size of the implants will affect the appearance of your cleavage. Going for bigger sizes will not automatically make you voluptuous or sexy; in some cases, unsuitable sizes will leave you looking like a freak. While the cosmetic surgeon will do his job and make sure the implants are correctly inserted (at the optimal distance between each other), other factors influence the appearance of the cleavage, such as the initial dimension of your breasts and the size of your rib cage.

Thin women versus Fuller women

According to cosmetic surgeons, fuller women are ideal candidates for breast implants because there are no restrictions on the type of fillings they can use or the placement of the implant itself (it works both under and above the muscle). On the other hand, for skinny women, the best choices are the silicone implants since their breasts will be precisely what you place in there. Despite the rumors that silicone has been off the US market for a while, it is safe and will not lead to higher risks of developing health problems.

Considering thin women do not have too much body fat, silicone also presents the advantage of a natural look and feel. To put it, a skinny woman with an under the muscle placement of the implant will appear to have naturally more substantial breasts. On a side note, the natural looks of their new breasts will also be affected by the type of incision they opt for (usually, the inframammary and the areola work best for thin women).