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The Way Bras Can Damage Your Health



The way bras can damage your health

Many women believe that beautiful underwear can give a sense of confidence and consciousness of their own irresistibility.

It turns out that even the distant relative of today’s bra – the corset, has done a very useful job for the human body. It not only tightened women’s’ abdomen, hips and a part of their thighs, but also lifted their bust. Meanwhile, it solved a lot of problems with spine distortion.

However, when at the beginning of the last century fashion French seamstresses lightly divided it into two parts, arose the question of the right choice of bra. On this depended not only beauty and attractiveness, but also women’s health.

Suspicions about the connection of bras with breast cancer have occurred really soon. According to experts from the Institute of Diseases of Civilization, it was obvious.

“In their opinion, wearing a bra 12 hours a day was 12 times more risky to get the disease than those who do not wear or wear it for a short time.”

This conclusion also confirms the observations over many African and Asian tribes, where women with no bras suffer significantly less from breast cancer than Europeans and Americans.

These facts are explained by the fact that there is a significant amount of lymph nodes and vessels in armpits which bras depress. Of course, things about this type of tumors are considerably more complicated, though many do not reject it as one of the possible causes.

Mammologists around the world, anxious about the growing cases of breast cancer, advise buying bras, whose shapes and sizes are tailored to the specific anthropological type.

It is important to determine the exact bra size

Correct girth can be measured just below the breasts at their most protruding part.

The most practical, however, is to take old bras that have stood well without pressing the chest.

The shape depends primarily on stitching of the cup. It can be cut entirely and without stitching, but it can also be two or three-sided. It also depends a lot on the straps and other parts of the product.

It is useful to use bras made of cotton fabrics that absorb the moisture better and leave enough air to your body. It is important that they are comfortable and soft, and washing is absolutely necessary before you put them for the first time.

Wear bras as rarely as you can and take them off before you go to sleep.

Image Credits: Flickr