How Can Appearance Affect Your Career?

Contrary to the universal belief that teaches glorification of the internal worth of a person rather than his external appearance and looks, success often fails to knock on the doors of individuals who project lower levels of confidence, good looks and physical fitness. Hard work, patience and persistence are quite appropriately, the well established keywords to success but recent research and studies have proved the increasing importance of appearance in successful career advancement.

If you are aiming for a successful career, it is wise to understand the role of your perceived looks and appearance. This also acts as an important factor in increasing the figures in your pay check. Given below is a brief insight into the physical traits such as hair color, facial structure, height, weight, dental health, posture and dressing sense, which can create a difference in the attitude of your interviewers and employers.


There is an established co-relation between success in career and good looks. One particular finding has proved that those who smile a lot create an air of trust and optimism around themselves. They are perceived as being hard working, honest and sincere in thoughts, words and deeds. With the increasing popularity of cosmetic teeth whitening procedures, every individual can strive to possess a dazzling smile along with a sparkling set of teeth, to create a positive impact on the onlookers.


According to a research conducted by the Harvard University, men who are typically 6 feet tall, procure $5,525 more as an average salary than their shorter counterparts. An interesting study conducted on the CEOs and leaders of Fortune 500 companies has revealed that their average height was at least three inches more than that of other employees.

As far as the earning figures of women were concerned, research results show that taller employees earn 5-8 percent more than other colleagues of average height. These findings adequately prove the importance of height in achieving success in your career.

Symmetrical facial structure and attractive personality

Symmetry happens to signify perceived beauty and attractiveness and it has been observed that people, who have good features and a fine facial structure, tend to be more successful in their careers than others. It therefore becomes important to adopt healthy and practical beauty regimes, practice good oral health care and develop an attractive and confident personality.

Correct clothing, makeup and footwear

Experts have opined that men and women who are smartly dressed and make an honest effort to look well groomed and in line with the latest fashion trends, get better job opportunities and promotions. According to a recent survey in The Times, 64 percent of the executives believed that women employees who wore make up and made positive efforts to enhance their appearance, looked more professional than other employees and had greater chances of success in their careers.

Along with the above , presence of facial hair, skinny and bony body structures, incorrect posture, poor body language and improper communication skills, contribute in a negative manner to the career graph.

This insight reminds of modern day mantra for success, “Look good and feel good!” The words appropriately propagate the importance of good appearance and an attractive personality in your career.

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