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Incorrect Posture in Children



Incorrect posture is quite a common problem among children. According to the check-ups among high-school students, there are almost no totally healthy backs. Teachers pay attention to children’s posture and the right position at the desk. However, a child cannot sit at the same location during the whole lesson.

Congenital child scoliosis is a disease which develops prenatally, due to unknown reasons. Such conditions can provoke acquired scoliosis as poliomyelitis, arthritis, arthrosis, rachitis, various traumas. Percent of children born with scoliosis is small, one for two thousand. Everything else that disturbs parents – body asymmetry, stoop – can be an individual peculiarity of a person.

It is not right to connect an incorrect position at the desk with the development of scoliosis. One must understand the difference between incorrect posture and scoliosis. Fast growth of the teenager’s body, hormones, etc. can stimulate the development of scoliosis, and you can do nothing with that.

Such things as incorrect position at the table and improper gait have nothing to do with scoliosis as a disease. However, they cause a wrong posture. In addition to external factors, a child’s pose is influenced by the body constitution, character, and temper of a child. You may have noticed that depressed or sad child hunches up, stoops.

Incorrect posture can and must be prevented and corrected. What are the main reasons for the child’s incorrect posture?


  • systematic overstrain of certain muscle groups
  • improper diet
  • excessive physical loadings

Some kinds of sports, such as tennis, badminton (other asymmetric kinds), can also cause abnormalities of posture.

So the conclusion is obvious: to avoid problems with back and posture, a child must eat well, do some physical activities, sleep properly (it is good to use orthopedic mattress), and accurately organize a workplace.

What should parents do if they noticed posture abnormalities in their children?

Consult an orthopedist. No website or article on the Internet would set a diagnosis for you! Only the doctor can define whether it’s incorrect posture or scoliosis. By the way, at a young age, doctors can make only approximate diagnosis, but a child will stay under observation. An orthopedist will recommend therapeutic physical training, massage, other necessary and useful procedures, some kinds of sports. Usually, children with incorrect posture are advised to swim and play command sports games.

Incorrect posture can be easily overcome with the help of specific exercises (prescribed by the orthopedist), which should be done regularly. Fulfill these exercises with your child, and the problem will disappear with time.