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What Is Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy?



It is a common teaching among elderly women to tell the younger women that sleeping on their tummies is not a great habit to adopt. A lot of women who acquired such advice do not fully comprehend the reason why this is so until they grow up and they get pregnant.

When a woman gets pregnant, her sleeping positions then get limited. As the baby grows inside, the idea of sleeping on your tummy is definitely not possible. In fact, most sleeping positions are not safe for pregnant women.

Sleeping On Your Back

A lot of women may think that lying on the back is acceptable. However, this position will put a lot of pressure on the spine and at the same time will disrupt the normal flow of the circulatory system. If such a sleeping position continues, there is a good chance that the woman will develop back pains. Also, such a position increases the incidence of the formation of hemorrhoids.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

Now that you know sleeping on your back and on your tummy is not a great option when it comes to sleeping while pregnant, then this leaves us with a single option, and that is sleeping on the side. Well, technically you have two options since you can sleep on your left or right side. However, even with these two options, it is still hard to maintain a sleeping position on one side for very long.

Sleeping On Your Side

At first, sleeping on your side might cause discomfort and may cause sleepless nights. One major reason for this is that you are not used to sleeping in such a position. However, it is still best that you force yourself to get used to it if you want a good night’s sleep while promoting optimum health for your body and your growing baby.

One of the main benefits of sleeping on your side during pregnancy is that your overall blood circulation is improved. Since the main source of nutrients for your baby is through your blood circulation through the umbilical cord, and because of the good blood circulation through proper sleeping position, the baby can grow optimally and healthily.

Sleeping on your side may be good enough. However, if you really want to maximize everything, then you want to sleep on the left side specifically. The reason for this is that when you sleep on your right side, the pressure is brought upon your kidneys, and this would result in undesirable health results. However, if you sleep on your left side, the kidney is relieved from such pressure and will be a lot more effective at doing its job which is to remove toxins from the blood. Remember, since the baby is getting nutrients from the blood, you also want that blood to be clean and healthy.

A surprising phenomenon occurs once the baby is born. The mother usually develops a great ability in reading and detecting signals from the baby. This motherly instinct has been developed for millions of years in order to give the baby the best chance of survival.

However, such an ability does not yet manifest until the baby is born. When a mother is sleeping while the baby is still inside, she might do her best to stay on the left side. However, once she falls asleep, there is a great tendency that she will change position during sleep.

What are Maternity Pillows?

Thankfully, there are such things as maternity pillows. These kinds of pillows are designed to give support for the growing baby and help keep the mother maintain a sleeping position of sleeping on the left side. These ingenious items are worth checking out if you are planning to have a baby or there is a baby coming on the way.