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Be the Best Carer You Can Be



Being a carer is a career that many people choose. It’s an opportunity to care for people who need it, a way of helping others without becoming a doctor or nurse in a manically busy hospital. This career is an opportunity to care for the sick and elderly, give them the support they need and the assistance to live their daily lives to the fullest.

A Day in the Life of a Carer

There are many aspects to being a carer, depending on the patient you are caring for. You may be hired to keep them company, take them out and help them with shopping and getting around. Another option is you may be employed to ensure their nutritional requirements are met; they take their medications and if ill to offer them full medical assistance; to be on hand when they need a doctor or hospitalization.

Nutritional Requirements

Often the elderly and the sick need additional medical nutrition to help their bodies absorb the nutrients and minerals they require. These will usually be prescribed by their medical professional and come in milkshakes, yogurts, and juices. As their bodies don’t absorb the nutrients they need, or they are unable to eat correctly, it will be your responsibility to ensure they take this nutrition daily, making their health under your wing and doing what you do best.

Who Needs a Carer?

Many people in the UK need the assistance of a carer. Carers can be family members who have given up employment to care for elderly parents or a disabled sibling. Often carers are trained professionals who are available to help every day or at set times of the day.

If you think about it, a parent over the age of ninety who is adamant they want to keep their independence and live at home will benefit significantly from a carer. The carer can be someone who pops in daily, does some housework, ensures they take their medical nutrition, and does some necessary shopping for them.

Another carer may look after a person who is blind; this is more companionship. Take them out to various places, keep them busy and mentally active, take them to doctor appointments and shopping, along with many other things such as driving them where they want to go.

Poorly patients, those with serious diseases, such as cancer, will also benefit from a carer. These people are often too ill to get out of bed each day, especially when undergoing medical treatment. The doctor may have prescribed some medical nutrition as they are unable to eat correctly, and this affects their immune systems, making them even weaker than they already are.

Love What You Do

Being a carer is not always an easy job. You need to love what you do; you need to enjoy helping people, communicating with them, and keeping them mentally active while caring for their homes and medical needs.

Some people think it’s an easy job that anyone can do, but it’s not, and not everyone is cut out for this type of work. There is a lot to do when you are looking after someone, especially those that are unwell. There are nutritional requirements that need to be met, medication you need to ensure they take at regular intervals. Then there are bathing, housekeeping, and cooking, often which are included in your duties.

If you have always thrived on helping others and feel you can add to someone’s quality of life, then you may want to consider this as a career. Don’t be fooled in thinking it’s easy; you will work long hours, sometimes you will be expected to work nights when family cannot be around to care for them.

As a carer, it’s vital to ensure your patient takes their medical nutrition. This is often prescribed by a doctor to ensure they are getting the right nutrients and minerals their bodies need daily.