Improve your Patient’s Care with IV Poles

Recovering from an illness or an invasive medical procedure is difficult enough without depriving a patient of much of their freedom. Unnecessarily confining a patient to a bed is bad for their morale, increases their irritability and, ultimately, does not help with recuperation. IV poles are an ideal solution to this problem. They provide greater convenience and improved mobility for the patient, as well as greater access and visibility to the IV medicines for their caretakers.


Spending time recovering from illness is never easy, and is especially tiresome if life-saving equipment continually hinders a patient’s efforts at leading a somewhat normal life. An intravenous pole is adjustable and moveable so the patient can make the pole fit his needs and not vice versa. It makes all activities, including eating, sleeping and using the facilities, much easier and more convenient. It can also greatly improve a patient’s morale during recovery.


In a similar vein, a wheeled, intravenous pole allows a patient to move more freely about their room, their home or a healthcare facility, while the sturdy construction enables the patient to use poles without assistance. Mobility not only allows the patient to get more exercise, but improves morale and overall quality of life. These benefits are immense, as a positive outlook helps with the efficacy of treatment and can significantly shorten the duration of the recovery period.


Patient care is also enhanced by the use of an intravenous pole. Fluids and the accompanying drips are more securely fastened, easier to monitor and can be easily changed , and multiple bottles can be stored or attached using the same pole.


In many cases, it is very important to rigorously maintain an IV regimen, making visibility levels of the fluids inside IV bottles a primary concern. With an intravenous infusion stand, the pole can be positioned so that the bottles are easily monitored by the patient or by a caretaker.

Empowerment – The Critical Issue

The real benefit of IV poles comes from the empowerment it affords to the patient. No longer are patients confined to their bed or a chair. They do not have to wait for help to get a snack or use the facilities. In the long run, the self-respect engendered by these medical devices goes a long way in aiding the patient down the road to recovery. Let him or her be free.

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