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Dolphin Meditation – Becoming One with The Waters



Are you visiting Key West and hope to find peace on your vacation? Or maybe you live in the Lower Keys and need to learn a new way to relieve stress? Do you love the water that surrounds these beautiful islands? How would you like a one of a kind experience that offers not just a “tour” of the remarkable ocean off Key West, but an opportunity to learn how to meditate and become one with breathless surroundings?

If you have a special connection with water and the sense of peace that it can bring to you, then you absolutely must take the time to use the expertise of Captain Victoria Impallomeni-Spencer. Captain Victoria has been a native wilderness guide for 36 years. She helps you experience the beauty and serenity of the water and its creatures in their natural environment so completely that you feel you have melted into your surroundings and found a deep and meaningful place in time where you become one with the ocean and its life.

While maintaining a respect for the waters and the life that lives within these waters, Captain Victoria will bring out the water spirit within you as she takes you on a serene and tranquil trip into the backcountry and brings you to be sacred and special areas she knows and has experienced. These are areas where dolphins dance and perform for you in their natural way. This is no trained performance! This is the ocean presenting its glorious form of entertainment using the calmness of the waves, the beauty of the surroundings, and a customized approach that Captain Victoria has used for over a quarter of a century to instill a deep peace within yourself.

The self-styled “Dolphin DJ,” Captain Victoria, has a fantastic way to bring you quietly and respectfully into the lives of the docile dolphins as she plays specially selected music to calm you and bring your body to feeling a sense of peace. At the height of your journey, you will meditate, guided by Captain Victoria into the order and beauty of the ocean waters around you and the seemingly choreographed dance of the creatures who call this beautiful surrounding home. You will be guided in meditation, allowing yourself to become one with the waters and feeling a deepening sense of calm.

This is not a thrill-seeking guide that is meant to bring you excitement and unnatural interactions between you and the ocean’s beautiful creatures, the dolphins. This is not an exciting magical tour Disneyland™ on-water event. This is a moment where your mind and spirit will genuinely unite with the natural happenings around you. Captain Victoria’s experience and vast knowledge of the area will bring you into a gratifying and spiritual adventure that melds your mind, heart, and soul into the beauty of the ocean and the beautiful creatures themselves, uniting you as one.

You do not have to be trained and knowledgeable in meditation as this is a guided tour in which your Captain will share a meditating and breathing technique called water shiatsu massage or WATSU with you. As you float on a shallow sand bar, you will journey deep within yourself and allow your mind to lose all tensions thoughts and problems, bringing you into a state of meditation that cannot be mimicked in any other way. This idea of bringing meditation and human/dolphin connection is something that Captain Victoria not only is an expert at but has been sharing with others for many, many years.

If you’re looking for a relaxing time when you can relax, release your tensions, and become one with the ocean’s beauty, glory, and life it contains, then this guided tour is for you. It is a water retreat that combines both the natural beauty of the ocean, the synchronicity of the dolphins’ gliding and dancing in the water, with a hand-selected array of music and guided meditation that will bring you into a state of mind that you have probably never reached in any other form; even if you are experienced in meditation. Do not be afraid of letting go of your inhibitions and allowing the feelings overwhelm your energy as you relax and meld into the waters and actions surrounding you to find your inner peace. This is a once in a lifetime experience that can help you not only enjoy the beauty of the ocean and dolphins but reduce the stress in your body, mind, and soul beyond words