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Top 5 Benefits of Using Guided Meditations



There are many different forms of meditation, making it easy for everyone to find a style that best suits their lifestyle. First, let’s talk about the top five reasons you should try meditation especially spiritually guided meditation.

  1. Your health will improve

No matter what your age, meditation is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. Research found that meditation lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Additional studies have demonstrated meditation can reduce chronic pain,

  1. You’ll sleep better and dream more vividly

Less than half an hour of spiritual guided meditation per day can quickly translate to deeper, more refreshing sleep. The sleep benefits of meditation may also help sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Deep spiritual guided meditation can heighten Theta and Delta activity in the brain and also help to compensate for the lost time in the Delta state during sleep.

Regular meditation can also enhance your dream life. The frequency of vivid dreams increases and most meditators report enhanced dream recall.

  1. You’ll feel less stressed

Stress reduction is by far the most popular use for meditation. Meditation is no longer just for adults either a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente found that meditation also improved mood disorders and depression in teenagers.

In addition to the physical benefits it provides, a daily spiritual meditation practice can help you relax not just while you’re meditating but throughout the rest of the day as well. Most meditators also notice they become less reactionary and are more easily and calmly able to handle situations that previously would have caused them stress or tension. An increase in self-awareness that constantly grows in the background of your perception helps to bring a new sense of calm and well-being. This personal insight also allows you to identify negative patterns in your life and integrate a more positive and productive approach, which in turn eliminates many of the underlying causes of stress.

  1. Your mental clarity will improve

Spiritual meditation has been linked to increases in concentration, heightened awareness and attention to detail, and improvements in your ability to maintain focus for longer periods of time. Other research into spiritual meditation and biofeedback techniques has demonstrated increases in the subjects’ ability to remain focused on specific tasks, reductions in reaction time, and improvements in psychomotor response.

  1. You’ll boost your creativity

Meditation can trigger heightened Alpha and Theta activity in the brain, states of mind often associated with creativity. Some forms of meditation also promote synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, another factor that has been identified in electroencephalograph (EEG) readings during moments of inspiration and during participation in creative activities. In a study conducted with 362 students in Taiwan to determine the effects of meditation on creativity, attention, IQ, and anxiety, the greatest improvement was observed in creativity.

Spiritual guided meditation can be extremely useful in increasing creativity by providing the mind with a set of ready-made mental images to work with.