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Blush-On Application Techniques



Blush-on is one of the most essential cosmetic products that women often find indispensable. Blush-on provides an almost instant transformation by adding a healthy shade of hue to pale-skin. And just like any other makeup item, using blush-on requires some degree of technique in order to get that perfect shade and contour effect.

When applying the blush on, it’s essential to know which shade is most appropriate for one’s skin, and the shade that will best complement the skin tone when applied. Makeup artists recommend choosing the blush color that resembles or comes closest to the color of the cheeks when flushed, just like right after having exercise or a quick jog. That is the natural color ladies should aim for when choosing the right blush color to use.

When it comes to skin tones, darker skin is beautifully highlighted with deeper plum tones, deeper pink and even red hues. Light skin tones, on the other hand, are enhanced by pink and coral hues as they give more glow and a more stunning look.

Nevertheless, applying the perfect blush-on is not just about choosing the perfect color shade; there are application techniques that should be considered based on the shape of the face. Below are the different face shapes and the tricks on how to properly apply blush-on for each:

The Round Face

This face shape is where the chin is wide and cheeks are round plus length and width of the face is equal. Avoid putting the blush on directly to the apples of the cheeks. Keep it slightly above the apples of the cheeks and gently blend forward then back under the cheekbone to add a soft contour.

The Oval Face

Most makeup artists say that this face shape is the most desirable shape as it has the perfect slope that goes well with any stroke and contouring. One can just directly apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend the blush shade with the skin tone perfectly.

The Heart-Shaped Face

This shape is characterized with much heavier emphasis on the apple and has no real jaw line. To accentuate the heart-shaped face, blend the blush forward then back to the ear. This will prevent the top half of the apple from appearing too contoured which is the goal for this face shape.

The Square Face

The trick here is to divide the angular jaw in half and to soften the cheek angle as well. Swipe the blush on the apples of the cheeks toward the hairline then follow it by sweeping the blush back toward the ear.

Once you have determined the shape of your face, you’ll only need a little effort and patience, especially in angling and getting that perfect contour. Aside from choosing the appropriate blush-on color and knowing the correct application for the corresponding face shape, having the right tools for the job also helps in achieving perfect, glowing skin. There are many cosmetic brushes available in the market today, such as the Ecotools Kabuki brush,  that is especially designed to help women apply blush-on flawlessly.

Having the appropriate shade for one’s skin tone, knowing the correct application based on the face’s shape and having the right cosmetic tools for the job – all these will surely help women in achieving the perfect blush-on.

Angel Morris has started work for Ecotools and is working with beauty technicians on improving the EcoTools kabuki brush.