Best Way to Lose Weight

Weight gain is a common problem in today’s world and sedentary lifestyles and fast food are common reasons for it. Lack of physical activity triggers accumulation of fats in the body and causes weight gain or obesity. Obesity can result in severe and life threatening conditions such as cardiac arrest, heart disorders, diabetes, and kidney disorders. This gives enough reason for people going crazy to look for different ways to lose weight.

What remains important is that people must understand the body metabolism and how it reacts to the food we eat and the exercises that we do. Crash diets or exhaustive exercises cannot be considered the best and effective ways of weight loss and nor are they safe and consistent. If you are looking for some effective ways to lose weight, here are a few suggestions for you.

Ways to Lose Weight:

Calorie Needs and Weight Loss:

Before you really think about losing weight, you must know how much calories are required by your body. The body uses food to produce calories and any excess calories are accumulated in the body in the form of fats. This implies that any over consumption of food will cause weight gain. So, for people trying to lose weight, it is important to take in less calories and expend more calories. To expend more calories, you will need to increase the amount of physical activities in your routine. Walking, swimming, yoga, jogging, and aerobics can be some useful activities to help burn fat.

Train your Stomach:

Learn to train your stomach and it can reduce your pot belly for sure. You need to stop eating before you reach the overeating threshold. Now, you might wonder how do we know, how do we recognize that we have reached the overeating threshold? Well, the answer to this question will be different for different people. Even for the same person, it will differ according to the age, exercise levels, stress level, time of the day and the season. Therefore, the key to stay in threshold is to eat frequently and in smaller quantities rather than following the usual three meal schedule.

Maintain a Calm State of Mind:

Now you might have the one eyebrow raised. Have you? Well, it may sound irrelevant but this is linked with your weight loss regime. A calm mind helps our body absorb all the nutrients from food. Or let me put in other words, which would interest you; a calm state of mind prevents the body from converting food into fats.

When you are sad, angry, frustrated, agitated, and distracted your body does not produce digestive juices and your body converts food into fats (body’s natural reaction to food, if it feels any threat to survival, as it perceives stress as a threat). So, a calm mind stimulates release of right amount of digestive juices that help absorb nutrients from the food eaten.

Drink Plenty of Water:

You might come across people saying that depriving body of water can be effective weight loss measure. Well, yes you will definitely lose weight by not drinking sufficient water. But this is fooling the body; you have not burnt any fats but just reduced the overall water mass in your body.

On the other hand, the best advice is that you must drink plenty of water as this stimulates body metabolism and helps it burn the excessive fats. If you do not want to drink just water, add some lemon wedges or mint leaves to it.

There is no easy or crash course plan for weight loss. However, being patient, determined and positive is important to attain a perfect figure. So, to help you shrink your tummy flab and make you feel more confident about yourself, we have discussed a few suggestions above. You can follow these and see the difference for yourself.

Author Bio: I am Caren Lee. I am medical student. I love to write article on health issues, especially on cancer. I have written many articles and contributed for

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