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How Practicing Yoga Can Decrease Your Stress Levels



Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of therapeutic exercise; it involves channeling your body’s energy into that of a peaceful state, creating a feeling of enlightenment for those who practice it.  Yoga can also be a great way to reduce stress from your daily life, it is very highly thought of, and it is also considered to be one of the purest forms of exercise.

How Can Yoga Help Your Body

There are many types of yoga, and each one can benefit you in a different way, if you want to detoxify your body then you may want to look into Bikram Yoga. This yoga is very extreme and is only recommended for those who practice it on a regular basis, it is nicknamed “Hot” yoga, as it literally involves exercising in a heated room.

The body sweats at an extraordinary level, ridding itself of the toxins that build up inside us through our daily lives, when this yoga is practiced; you are advised to eat very healthily, as the toxins released can deplete your body, the idea of this being that you replace them with vitamins afterward.

But you don’t need to go to extreme lengths to keep fit, for those who are new to the sport you can take part in a beginner’s class, which shows you the basic aspects of the exercise. If you are indeed new to yoga, then you should take it easy on your body, although the sport is very calm and relaxing it can stress your muscles due to the positions and stretches involved.

Yoga increases your flexibility over time, and taking part in an exercise that you are not yet ready for will cause more harm than good. Yoga benefits the body in several ways, it detoxifies your system, and the relaxing atmosphere allows you to get rid of the stress gained from work. It works wonders for those who cannot relax when they get home, and your teacher will walk you through the techniques every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable with the positions you are in at all times.

Why Should I Take Up Yoga Over Exercise?

Exercise builds muscle and reduces fat, it burns calories and strains your heart, it basically wears down your body so it can come back stronger, and faster. Yoga, however, doesn’t do this, it doesn’t accelerate your heart rate and it doesn’t rip your muscles, it tones them, and stretches them to new positions so you become incredibly toned and flexible.

Yoga is a very different exercise when compared to that of running, someone who takes up running will indeed become stronger and faster, however, someone who does yoga will become incredibly toned, and flexible.  It is perfect for those who don’t like to work a sweat, and it is a common fact that most of us are tired when we come home from work.

With yoga, you don’t need to work a sweat, but you can gain the same benefits from exercise whilst distressing your mind at the same time, it is highly praised in medicine also, as it is perfect for those with heart problems.

Yoga involves a series of stretches that tone the body, as opposed to stressing it, even by practicing it for an hour a day you can see results within a few months. There are many levels available, so those who have more knowledge of the positions can move to a higher, more experienced class. It is your choice however, you move on when you feel comfortable, and if you wish to stay in a beginner class this is completely your choice.