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How To Walk Without Pain: Taking Care Of Your Feet




We have daily rituals that we follow for our face and body. We put on moisturizers on our face every night to keep it looking fresh. We exercise every day to maintain a fit and healthy body. But what about our feet? Aside from getting a foot massage, do you know what needs to be done to keep your feet strong and pain-free?

Here are the few rituals you need to incorporate into your daily routine to make sure your feet is taken cared of:

Wear Comfortable Shoes and Socks

When shopping for a pair of shoes, make sure the pair you buy fits just right and is comfortable. Wearing shoes that are too tight will cause bunions, hammertoes, and ingrown toenails. If the shoes on the other hand are too big, they may also cause blisters and calluses. Also, have a wide variety of shoes you can alternately use.

Wearing high heels every day for example can damage the balls of your feet. Have flats and comfy sneakers ready for days when you need your feet to rest from all those heel-powered walks. Also make sure to buy shoes made out of leather, cotton, or mesh and not synthetic materials to keep your feet cool and allow it to breathe. Socks are also important as they are a form of shock and moisture absorption. Make sure to use pairs made out of natural fibers.

Protect Your Feet from Heat and Cold

Always wear shoes, socks, or slippers especially if you are outdoors. Avoid stepping on a very hot or cold surface with your bare feet. During hot days, you can put sunscreen on the top of your feet. And during cold days, wear lined boots to keep your feet warm.

Exercise Your Feet and Be Active

If you carry weights to keep your arms strong when it comes to your feet you only have to take regular walks to exercise them. It will keep the muscles of your legs and feet firm and also keep your ligaments and tendons flexible. It’s also good to improve the flow of blood to your feet. You can achieve this by being more active and engaging in activities like swimming, biking, or dancing. Other methods you can do to keep the blood flowing to your feet are:

  • Putting your feet up when sitting
  • Not crossing your legs for long periods of time
  • Exercising your ankles by moving them up and down then turning them left and right

Keep Feet Clean

Wash your feet every day. Your feet spend most of the day inside shoes so it will be good to give them a bit of cleansing to rid away from the day’s batch of sweat and dirt. If you don’t wash your feet and fungi grow, you will then develop a foot odor and may also risk developing fungal infections. Also, trim your toenails regularly and keep your feet clean. If your toenails are thick and they curve, you can also ask your trusted foot doctor to carefully cut your toenails to avoid further problems.

Have Your Feet Checked

Make sure you regularly check your feet for any bumps, cuts, or infections. This would mean getting the issues fixed as soon as possible before complications happen. Aside from personally checking them, also have an expert take a look at your feet especially if you have noticed some irregularities. A good podiatrist will provide you with the needed medications and treatments to provide a remedy to the foot problem.

Don’t wait for foot pains to occur before you take care of your feet. Don’t wait to feel unbearable pain before you visit a clinic and have a small foot problem looked at. In following all these tips you can maintain healthy and strong feet that can literally take you to more places. Before it’s too late, follow these simple steps to take care of your feet and walk without pain.